Xbox One is future proof, is the PS4?

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2013

If you didn’t know that the Xbox One had been built with the future of gaming in mind, Microsoft has released a new video this week which really attempts to hit home. We’ve heard a lot about the cloud lately this past week, but now we have an intimate video from Microsoft to show you, which gives examples why the Xbox One in Microsoft’s opinion – is future proof.

If you are a gamer that is still sitting on the fence as to which console is best for you this Holiday season, you’ll probably find this video very interesting. It’s obvious that both companies need to hype up their respective systems in order to generate interest, but can Microsoft’s cloud really do all of the features with ease that we keep hearing about?

It sounds very impressive from what we have heard from Microsoft so far, but then gamers are also skeptical at the same time as most would simply put it down to ‘PR talk’ without any substance. In this video, we hear further details on how Xbox One features such as the cloud, Kinect and SmartGlass have helped and will continue to help in making the system future proof.

To pick out an interesting couple of things from Albert Penello during the video, listen to this at the 4 minute mark:

“Being built for the future is one of the principles that we had when we built the Xbox One. We want to build a system that preserved the best of console gaming, so that developers can write to the metal, they can continue to optimize, they can continue to build better looking games over time and also have this part of the system reserved for the future.”

Does Microsoft have you covered for years to come?

Does Microsoft have you covered for years to come?

It’s clear that Microsoft are very proud of their cloud capabilities in relation to providing a system to gamers with the future in mind. But are you impressed by all of the talk, compared to what the PS4 will be able to do with the likes of Gaikai streaming technology and their own cloud?

Enjoy the video below and let us know if you think both systems will be ‘future proof’ in a way, or if it is just all talk.

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  • Josh101

    Wow, this article is FILLED with Microsoft PR managers. Knowing server infrastructure in and out. The “Powah of the cloud” is meaningless. No developer other than 1st party studios is going to be stupid enough to offload any amount of meaningful calculations server side. This is due to 2 things, not owning or having control of said servers which can be shut down at any time, even if it’s 20 years from now and latency. Due to both of these, there is NO BENEFIT to offloading any calculations to “The cloud.” No, not at all, it will never be worth it for any developer other than 1st party studios. Which, due to latency at this time and the un-reliability of internet connection across the world is made into nothing other than servers used for DRM and save-states and information throughput. Which I’m sure Microsoft was planning on doing TONS, with known involvement in PRISM scandal I have no doubt they were planning on filtering TONS of video and voice. According to recent interviews, used to store information for ad-targeting as well. NOW the reason why they spent soo much money on Azure infrastructure should become clear. You think they spent “billions” to make your games better? Sure…Keep thinking that….It will work out for you I promise….Sony isn’t spouting “Clowd! Powah!!” They understand exactly what I said above. It’s meaningless. Just uniformed people making stupid comments on the behalf of their beloved MS and PR managers trying their best to keep their jobs.

    • James

      I find this very sad how much you get annoyed by this.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Look at all the dumb Sony sheep answers it shows these retards only know is to talk BS 24/7 The sheep console failstation 4 is bound for failure even before release being poorly made with cheap parts plus the devs only have access to 4G for games FFS bahahahaha No features no Innovation clearly a rushed console and would be worried as it can catch on fire ( due to it being poorly made by students)

    Plus the RROD was clearly there and still doesn’t look any different to Ps3 Bahhahaha

    • X1ultimateGame

      Look at this one so-called X1 fan throwing hate comments like he knows nothing else, check his comment history. The PS4 is bound for Greatness along with X1 even before release this guy doesn’t know how they are made, what? are you a Developer? FFS bahahahaha So many features great Innovation clearly a well-planned console and would not need to be worried cos unlike the 360’s 68% failure rate ( due to it being poorly forced-feed design by MS executives)

      Plus the 360’s RROD was clearly there and still doesn’t look any different when you’ll rage on the X1 Bahhahaha

      • Guest

        The PS4 is a $0N¥ contraption for low IQ paupers, like you!

        • Guest

          It is spelled as ‘Sony’.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Go suck Penello’s backside somewhere else, Demetre.

  • teufel

    The X Bone is hardly future proof, and maybe MS should start apologizing for wasting MS fans’ money on redundancy. The new wave of “Smart TVs” have features that make many of the non gaming features that MS is forcing MS fans to pay for redundant and not needed at all.

    I dont know what is funnier, the fact that they actually want us to believe that their cloud service will make their technologically inferior system superior over time or that Sony made a system where most of its resources wont be used other than the occasional exclusive late in the generation. I suppose Sony could pay a visit to Nintendo and beg them to make a cheap monster machine that at least comes close to the PS4 when Nintendo launches their next system in 2016 or so; at least that way Sony will get the higher likeliness that 3rd party devs might tap the full potential of the PS4 which unfortunately will leave the X Bone toting the down ports after that.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Says The sheep Geez the only future your crappy console will see is indie titles and third parties and all Failstation 4 games are upscaled and running under 40fps

      • X1ultimateGame

        Says The Hater Geez the only future the Xbox console will see is you at the bottom of the Reputation and being on online articles and all PS4 games are proven by developers and running at 60fps

      • You are flat out wrong

        Demetre, please, no one cares about your crap 360 ports.

  • BrianC6234

    Bwahaha. The Xbox 180 isn’t future proof. It’s outdated crap is what it is. Anyone who believes that cloud crap is a fool. The cloud can’t make a console better.

    • dirkradke

      What does the Bwahaha mean? Is it supposed to be laughing?

      • Guest

        It’s an undereducated paupers’ laugh.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Ya look at your crappy Ps3 2,5 and then talk no innovation just failure written all over it

      • X1ultimateGame

        Ya look at you all hate comment on PS4 and then talk about Sony’s innovation with Playstation at top 5 best selling console in history.

  • M C

    So the future is to hook up a surveillance device inside our private homes, so you can watch how we respond to commercials and ads?

    The kinect is a surveillance device plan and simple. It watches you, it listens to you. That’s how it works.

    Microsoft even said themselves they are looking to sell the info it collects to third party advertisers.

    The future.

    • dirkradke

      Which they also said you can turn off the collection of data that is sent to the NSA via Microsoft. 🙂

      • Tangii

        What’s funnier is why would a company even incorporate some kind of bogus feature like that in the first place. Also if you think you have the option of “turning it off” you may want to read up on Stuxnet worm.
        If the NSA “made” MS put it in, I would have said were not releasing a new system; heres why. The people would get it removed.

    • Swerve121

      Im sure MS doesnt wanna look in no one homes. You guys are retards

    • Megaman

      And sony has the PS EYE….EYE…..EYE…..EYE…..EYYYYYYE : l


    • You are flat out wrong

      The fuchur is gimmicky waggle and horrific lag in single player games because all the processing is on DA CLOWD.

      Xbox One.

  • M C

    Can’t be future proof when you can’t even run games at 1080p, todays current standard..

    future is 4k or more…

  • M C

    The Xbox One is future proof you say?? yet it doesn’t even have games running at 1080p?

    Forza 5 is currently using 100% OF THE XBOX ONE POWER – From the developer’s mouth. A 1st party dev, so you know they know what they are doing.

    Xbox One is already maxxed out, and it hasn’t launched yet.. How is this future proof exactly?

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Both systems are already future proof…we just need to experience both of them to see which is further along.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Penello is an obese liar. It’s not even fit for the present and “the magic cloud” isn’t going to fill the gaps. With its low sales and panicking shareholders, I imagine it won’t be long before the Xbox brand is jettisoned.

  • Jason Mounce

    What a stupid question.

    IS the PS4 Futureproof….?

    Was PS1 Futureproof? Was PS2 Futureproof? Was PS3 Futureproof?

    What’s the answer? Yes. Yes. Yes. 10 Year Life cycle will repeat.

    Xbox One isn’t even NOWPROOF. The original Xbox wasn’t futureproof and it closed off after what, 4-5 years? Microsoft is simply trying to mimic Sony’s 10 year life-cycle policy.

    • Guest

      Question Jason. Why do you have such a syndromal face? Looks like something went wrong in your development. But we all know that’s typical of PoS N4Gtard NeoFAGs.

      • Jason Mounce

        Answer, Pauperkiller2013.

        That’s the face of David Tennant from Doctor Who.

        Sorry if my answer embarrasses your poor attempt to Stalk and troll me in my post-history. 🙂 That and I don’t go to N4G or Neogaf. TRY HARDER 😀

        (trolling requires skill and intellect, you lack both)

    • dirkradke

      You know, normally I don’t agree with you, but in this case I do. Amazing.

      • Jason Mounce

        Do I know you o.o?

        I didn’t know we had an arch-rivalry going on or something.

  • I believe it is future proof. The naysayers are stuck looking at today’s setup. These companies like Microsoft plan years down the road. A few years from now when all of the ISPs have switched to IPV6 – when things like Google Fiber are more wide-spread. There is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to stream games that will match the best PC settings out there.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Wow, “The” Red Dragon!

      I don’t believe one bit that Microsoft’s choice is a coincidence, with the potential rise of ISP speeds in the coming years. If anything (which most don’t notice), Sony has been playing catch up and will be the common theme in the coming years.


    • M C

      That is at least 2 decades away

      • dirkradke

        Yea, and they also said once they realized they could map DNA (you know the little bits we are all made up of) that it would take a 1000 years to map the human genome. Once they had fast enough computers it didn’t take long at all. About 20 years actually for the computers to be fast enough that is. So for a comparison I’m thinking maybe more like 10 as opposed to 20 years. I certainly agree it will take time, but maybe not as much as you think.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ PauperStation Foul doesn’t have a virtualization OS that can combine many functionalities for ease of use. AND IT NEVER WILL. PoS4 is not future proof at all. Poor low IQ paupers that fall $0N¥’s lies and overhype that doesn’t deliver are just that, schmucks!

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Also, that they had to rely on one person to design the PoS4…Cerny! Lord! God! SAVIOR!!

      The architectural team that built the Xbox One has been there since day one, and that shows in how well designed Xbox One will be.

  • RealityCheck2013

    The ‘Xbox ONE’ is one of the most unappealing Gaming(?!?! Hmm) Consoles i have ever heard of in my over 20 years of gaming LoL:D

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Axe99

    The XB1 may or may not be future proofed, but the Cloud has nothing to do with it. Cloud computing, by its very nature, is not system-specific. Cloud power is available to any device that can hook up to the internet. In other words, going by this measure, the XB1 is as future proofed as any other console, PCs, smartphones, smart TVs and even some of those expensive internet fridges ;). I’m not knocking what MS say they’re doing – it sounds great – but it’s got nothing to do with the XB1’s hardware beyond the machine being designed with the internet in mind, which is hardly revolutionary.

    • Gekko36

      I work with hybrid systems every day. Using an Azure infrastructure to integrate with a series of localised networks so I have a lot of experience with cloud infrastructure.
      Their Azure system is faultless and very much a part of what Xbox one is.
      You are making the assumption that hardware is all there is to a system and you couldn’t be more wrong, heres what I mean;
      It appears that your view on cloud is that of sky drive or icloud, as in storage made available to clients. However here we have computational code run in the cloud triggered by the xbox itself and then packaged back to the xbox and then handled by their move engines. This is an extension of their box.
      This is not

      • Guest

        Most people that have worked with the Azure framework, say the same.
        It’s very funny that the ones making all the apparently solid assumptions are people that have never had the privilege of working with MS’s cloud systems and even funnier that so many people buy into those assumptions as if they were fact without even knowing what it means.
        PlayStation is one stupid community and it’s going to go full blown rtard by being made up of even more simpletons, like the ones at N4G or NeoGAF.
        MS designed their system from the ground up to be online and to make use of that superb cloud infrastructure and can even offload graphical computations.
        Even NVidia showed that it works with their cloudlight demonstrations and it can go much further than that.
        Sony cannot accomplish that (even with Gaikai) without having to invest multiple billions to get anywhere near a percentage of the Azure framework’s power.

        • Axe99

          No one is saying there’s anything wrong with Azure – Azure is great! However, Azure is open to other people using it. Sony could use Azure if they wanted to – ie, both platform holders have access to the resource, therefore it’s not a particular advantage to one or the other, from a long-term perspective (clearly, MS have at least honed their ‘cloud’ talk better than Sony have, so they have the PR edge early ;)).

      • veggiesaurus ZA

        why would you need a “move engine” (DMA) in order to transfer data from the cloud? The incoming data rate would be far too small to justify any mention of a move engine.

        • Guest

          Compressed packets.

        • veggiesaurus ZA

          LZ decompression is lickety quick (around 150 MB/s) so the number of CPU cycles for cloud-based data would be insignificant.

      • Axe99

        The point I’m making is that the cloud services are a distinct entity from the hardware in the living room, and there’s nothing stopping other hardware doing the same thing.

        For example, should they want to, Sony could pay to use Azure (MS would be running into anti-competitive legislation if they tried to stop them) and do exactly the same thing with the PS4, or they could pay to use/set up a similar cloud service themselves. Azure is _not_ XB1 specific, and the data move engines are fairly insignificant in the whole scheme of things – it’s the cloud network itself that counts.

        • Gekko36

          Sony SHOULD build their own infrastructure, they would be stupid not to however there is no way Sony will use azure. The costs in licensing wouldn’t be conducive to a reasonable business model.

          They wanted streaming so instead of building their own, they bought Gaikai. So if we look at this decision they’d be more inclined to buy a competitor (smaller no doubt).

          The thing here is that Sony just can’t afford it, they’ve only just got back into the black and they may go back into the red due selling PS4 at a loss. My guess is that a sony owned cloud infrastructure will be many many years down the line and much much smaller in comparisson

        • Axe99

          Microsoft starting getting into the Cloud in a big way well before the XB1, and Azure is so, soooo much bigger than XB1. Sony doesn’t provide business network services like Microsoft does, and it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for them to set up in it. From a business perspective, it would make much more sense to procure services from a cloud provider, be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft or what-have-you.

          On the by, if Azure costs so much to use, how is Microsoft apparently getting away with giving so much server power away for free, and why are licensing fees so high relative to cost of provision? Is the market uncompetitive (which I doubt with the players involved – Microsoft and Google like to pressure each other), or is Microsoft just taking a big loss with XB1 and hoping to make it up down the track?

  • Edonus

    Jesus Christ this thread is a big Sony Circle Jerk… all these guys are just discrediting MS and squeezing each others ass too make them feel good about the Ps4 that they are enslaved to buy.

    The ONE is clearly built with the future in mind. it already has a 10 billion dollar internet infrastructure. It has Already got the HDMI in and IR blaster built in to take over your entertainment console. Windows app support, multitasking. The list goes on and On the only true advantage the Ps4 has is a stronger GPU that is it. and before someone says Gddr5 ram, its job is the the system bandwidth, and the X1 has has a memory set up that deliver a higher system bandwidth.

    MS included Kinect which extends the system functions and interactivity. BF4 has head tracking on the X1 and thats just the start. Smartglass uses the wi fi direct making it insanely useful.

    The cloud or Azure network gets lots of flack because you got people that just dont want to believe what it can do. Even though there are many examples of the technology working. The Devs have already started doing things like running the AI through the cloud and background physics. Honestly the idea that the cloud integration in the X1 is some kind of myth is actually pretty foolish and shows the desperation of the Sony fanboys.

    MS biggest problem is just going to be getting people to see and understand everything the system can do. If they do that Sony doesnt stand a chance against them. Thats why Sony decided to take a loss on the Ps4. They know toe to toe they cant compete. Crazy thing is the X1 is designed to be able to drop in manufacturing costs thus retail price faster than the Ps4. Imagine if in 3-4 X1 is $50-$100 cheaper than the Ps4.

    • paul rolland

      Funny am buying a PS4 because it has better games, much like the Ps3 now. Time was 360 had the best games with Gears and other studios like Mistwalker sadly they kinda just threw away their games and now just throw money at 3rd party studios

      • Guest

        We know you’re poor. Your sobbing at MN made that very clear.

        • paul rolland

          lol yeah ok sure so £100 price different means am poor cus am buying the cheaper more more powerful console

    • rekof

      It would could only potentially work for AI in some turn base strategy,.. It is all BS,..Has basically 0 utility for graphics and physics ,.. Only thing I see it being used for is for certain character customizations being saved in the cloud,.. like Uncharted 2.3 has,.. (I think they use amazon’s farm)

      Xbox one is just weaker 30-40 percent or even more,.. and there is no way around it… and that is a lot,.. better textures, more AA, aniso, and postprocesing,.. without developers lifting a finger.

      • Gekko36

        Were you born an idiot, or do you practice?
        I use cloud based computational code NOW for everything from Application data crunching to dynamic consolidation or weather models.
        It’s FAST and the compression means local apps on desktop and mobile devices are up to the minute.
        Gamers are f*ck!ng clueless when it comes to technology.
        MS’s plans will work because they are working right here right now.
        Sony could do the same thing and they should. Problem is they need the money to invest in their own infrastructure for online but they can’t afford it and they arrived at the party too late.
        MS built their own systems, Sony bought theirs out and are now getting it to work for PS4, but remember Streaming is just that, no computational abilities.. no real thought into it nothing else it can do.
        The Azure infrastructure is a monster, plain and simple and it work.
        How do we know this?

        • rekof

          I think you are mixing apples and lemons,..Lol at ad hominem slurs,.. just shows how insecure you really are in the BS you write..

          Even if latency was 0,.. It still would not be used in gaming for rendering or physics calculation,..

          It is basically useless outside matchmaking and data storing,..

        • Edonus

          You blind yourself….. you clearly dont want to realize that rendering a game off of the internet is not the only way to use and increase performance including graphics.

          The cloud is so versatile listing everything it could be used for would take to long and you also hide from the fact that any process that the cloud does for the console leaves that power and resources in the console itself to delegate to other tasks like increase the rendering power.

          not too mention just the computing power alone would make processes like raytracing 100 times easier. I have seen this conversation a million times and it ends with you staying in denial even though the technology and theory has been around and used for years now and MS has set up an Infrastructure to take advantage.

          You really have to convince yourself
          that every aspect of a game is rendered in real time (which it is not).
          that our broad band speeds can only send the amount of data that a smoke signal does (which it does not).
          That lag is some how the end all of everything (not considering devs have been using techniques that minimize the affects of lag for decades now).
          And that compression techniques are stagnant and have no effect.
          And that MS would spend billions of dollars on something that doesnt do anything but give storage and matchmaking (they could have just took that money and upped the local specs). Do you really think one of the richest companies in the world got there by doing technology bluffs?
          That our internet broadband speeds

        • dirkradke

          What some people don’t realize is Wal-Mart does the same thing. If you go for a Tire and Lube job or the the Eye Care Center or there Layaway department – all of those computers are Thin clients using virtualization and cloud computing over an encrypted signal with VPN through the Internet infrastructure to a central location to KINECT (just kidding) connect them together.

    • sazse

      After the initial E3 PR Shock I slowly started to feel the same. Except for the terrible message MS transmited to their customers the fact is Sony was caught by surprise, not the contrary. PS4 is basically a PS3 on steroids. No innovation at all! And, just for your fun, I live in Brazil, and here the PS4 price has been just announced, and it’ll cost US$ 1842, while XBone will be priced at US$ 1013 (Real to US$ conversions on today’s exchange rate). Not even the price argument can prevail here…

      • Guest

        Hahaha, that pauperfantard Ethomaz is going to cry. Good for him!

      • dirkradke

        Out of curiosity how would you say X-Bone in Portuguese or Tupi-Guarani if you know?

    • ShowanW

      How dare you go on the internet and make complete sense… who do you think you are… The truth is NOT allowed on the internet….

    • You are flat out wrong

      Get lost, marketer. We can all see through your damage control.

      • Edonus

        I smell your fear…. Is that the best you have.

        Do better next time.

        Take it back to the circle jerk they will rock you to sleep and tell the Ps4 has specs created from Gods pre school finger paintings, and that the GPU is printed on a dragons scale.

        • You are flat out wrong

          I’ll be laughing when your precious Azure servers fail to step up to the plate time and time again. Another Microsoft blunder.

          “The ONE.” Frigging marketers.

        • Edonus

          WTF are you talking about. You sony shills make the internet a disgusting place. You contaminate people that might not know better with your stupidity.

          You dont even argue against the points being made… you just say the person saying it is wrong.

          Watch this….

          Please explain how MS Azure network, that has been up and running for around 4-5 years now and has received praise and is being used all around the world by Fortune 500 companies, and expanded to become one of the top 3 cloud server infrastructures in the WORLD… is going to fail. How is this a blunder?

          Unless making successful things is what you call a blunder.

        • You are flat out wrong

          “RROD isn’t an issue!” “Kinect will be good!” “Da Clowd will be the fuchur!!!”

          So many claims, so little time.

  • handsomer

    “Faster” =/= future
    “Smaller” =/= future
    Console =/= future

  • Sylmaron

    PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. That alone makes it more ‘futureproof’. No matter what mumbo-jumbo Microsoft comes up with.

    • Guest

      You’re an even bigger pauper than the rest of them. A Dutch cheapskate.

      • Sylmaron

        Thanks for your insightful contribution. Now go dance with your Kinect.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been a loyal xbox fan for years, no way this time there taking away the gaming machine to focus on other things to make more money 🙁 ps 4 is now my console and shall have it on release.
    Goodbye Microsoft you had your time.
    You need to focusing gamers and not the ££££££$$$$$$ signs

    • Bob Jeebus

      Who said they were “focusing” on the media options? Just because they are adding other things into the box doesn’t mean it is any less of a game machine as the 360. Have you seen the games that are coming to the system?

      • mike

        Thank you! Everybody assumes that BC there adding things like multimedia that it mud tbbe taking away from the gaming experience and that’s just stupid. There’s more than enough tech/ power to do both and I trust Microsoft to build a good machine even though specs on paper might say its not quite as good. That’s why I’m sticking with my x1 preorder

  • rekof

    Xbox One isn’t even now proof, let alone future proof.
    PS4 will dominate so hard,.. it is not even funny.

    • sazse

      100.000.000 original wii buyers and countless mobile gamers gave traditional console makers a good sign that graphical edge isnt the prevalent marketing differential anymore. After all, its just about business, and, on the market, its the survival of the fittest that counts! Its a desperate move from Microsoft? Agreed. But I fear the real reasons behind this justifies every Gamer concern about the long term evolution of our hobby… Just look at all these F2P games coming to PS4? How long will developers take the risk of producing expensive AAA titles outside the first party ones?

    • Guest

      PS4 is going to be a garbage dump full of indie CRAP and you’ll eat it with your low IQ pauperbrain, just like the rest of the N4Gtards and NeoFAGs.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Another moron…

      • TickleMyBits

        Is this the new tactic being employed by MS fans? Pauper this and pauper that? Genius. There must have been a brain trust meeting, involving you and a cum stained sock, that came up with that idea.
        ‘We have to do something about this whole ‘PS4′ is cheaper than The Xbox ONE. We have to twist it and somehow make a product being more expensive for no reason a positive thing, think cum stained sock, think!’
        Cum stained sock
        ‘I’d like it very much if you stopped cumming inside me.’
        ‘That’s it! We’ll refer to anyone that’s deciding to buy a ps4 a pauper! They have to buy a ps4 because they’re POOR! That’s brilliant cum stained sock. By the way, you are looking fantastic tonight…why don’t you come over and sit next to me?’
        Cum stained sock
        ‘Life was better when you just bothered the dog.’

  • tristifico

    It’s funny until this point Microsoft has been talking about how this is suppose to be an entertainment device focusing on tv, movies, music, internet and then games, but now they are saying it’s a future proof gaming console… The phrase “putting your eggs in one basket” sounds about right and now that they see that people are not willing to change their current media devices for the xbone they are changing their strategy. In my opinion, if they built this device with being a staple for media in your living room it can only have a percentage of it dedicated to actual gaming which makes it’s shelf life very very small. Yet the ps4 focuses on gaming with apps for all the others… I WAS a loyal Xbox customer until their decision to move away from gamers to the general public… Sorry, but I’m not going to listen to their bs after they finally figured out they forgot about the people that made their console a success

    • Kid Icarus

      If you think that marketing and R&D are one harmonious department, you have no idea how a large corporation like MS works. You can hate the marketing all you want (because it was awful and a failure), but the technology and design of the Xbox One has a lot for gamers to be excited about.

      Notice I said gamers. There’s plenty in there for Sony fanboys to hate.

  • Dan Vincent

    Love the bobble head interviewer!! Yes. Yes. Yes. Cloud is great.