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Sony A7 and A7R camera review already

The Sony a7r and a7 were only announced a few days ago, so are surprised to see a review of these cameras appear on YouTube already. However, this is great because it gives us an early chance to see what Sony has to offer from its latest camera models from the Alpha range.

Leica dominates the full frame, interchangeable lens mirrorless camera market, so the TheCameraStoreTV were very happy with Sony stepping up to the plate to produce a camera that the market has been craving. We do love video reviews and we do have a few favorite reviewers, with Blunty being top dog.

However, another that we like is Chris Niccolls, and he will be taking us through the Sony a7 & a7R hands-on in a very informative field-test. We already know both cameras offer killer specs and a very competitive price, but how do they stack up in the real world?

The Sony a7r and a7 seems to lack ruggedness
The Sony a7r and a7 seems to lack ruggedness

The field test will see Niccolls find some beautiful autumn colors and shoot them with the a7 and a7R to see how they stack up. We do love how he starts by calling them hot pocket-sized full-frame cameras and how he loves their compact design with interchangeable lenses.

Specs for both cameras should mean some great image quality results, which he gets into later in the video review. Before that, Niccolls talks about what is similar and different between the 7 and 7R, but we are a little concerned when he discusses their ruggedness and the limited Sony a7 and a7R battery life.

However, these are just minor issue in what seems like a rather impressive camera, so we ask that you watch the video below to see if one of these cameras will be for you.



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