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PS4 launch game blow with possible Drive Club delay

If you have been following the latest PS4 rumors, you probably are already aware that there are worrying signs swirling around regarding Sony’s exclusive PS4 racer DriveClub. Reports are mounting that the game could be delayed until 2014, meaning that Forza 5 could enjoy an extra relaxation period as the only true launch racer for next-gen consoles.

So far, Sony has yet to respond to the claims, claims which were originally revealed by this website and then backed up further by the guys over at Kokaku. We’re not surprised that Sony are staying silent if true, as it would be a massive blow if their premium launch racer won’t be available on November 15, especially when they announced that this would be the first free game as part of the PS4 PS Plus program.

DriveClub is also seen as a direct competitor to Forza 5 on the Xbox One, so Sony could be in a state of shock and disappointment behind closed doors. Then again, if DriveClub isn’t ready – it isn’t ready at the end of the day.

Gamers wouldn’t want to see a game rushed out at launch just for the sake of it, so it could be a bitter pill that everyone has to swallow with an ounce of common sense. After the delay of Watch Dogs just days ago though, this is two major games that PS4 users now have to cross off their launch shopping lists.

Microsoft won't be losing sleep over this, that's for sure.
Microsoft won’t be losing sleep over this, that’s for sure.

Do you feel Sony are stressing about this internally? Give us your thoughts on the decision to delay Drive Club if it is confirmed to be true. Given Sony’s silence on the matter, it almost looks a foregone conclusion right now.

What launch games for the PS4 are you planning to buy – was DriveClub one of them?



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