PS4 era starts now with early purchases

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2013

If you simply can’t wait for the PS4 era of gaming to start on November 15, we can tell you that you can already get yourselves prepared right now. Sony has confirmed that two PS4 games, Knack and Warframe are now available to buy on the PlayStation Store.

If you plan to go digital with the majority of your PS4 gaming experience, this is perfect news for you. You can now head to the PSN store if you wish and pick up Knack, the exciting platformer that includes cross-platform play with the PS Vita.

Knack is going to be a $60 pre-order for those that want to buy it now. We’re not entirely sure if this is a pre-load via the cloud, but it really should be if Sony wants to reduce traffic on their online servers come November 15. If you can buy it now, why not give users the option to store the locked game on your PSN account which would free up download time when users access the same screen on PS4?

Either way, this is a nice gesture by Sony. Warframe is also available for pre-order, but remember that this is going to be a free-to-play game so the pre-order could come via some DLC packs that the developers plan to make available on PS4 launch day.

Is $60 a bit too much for Knack though, or is it fair considering it is among the first batch of PS4 digital titles that will be available to download on launch? If you are looking for a cheaper price, you may be better holding out until some retailers or supermarkets cut down the price during the Holiday season – it’s bound to get competitive during this period.

Let us know if you plan to go digital with the PS4 and if you will be picking up Knack for $60 now, to prepare yourselves for this occasion.

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  • Krepler

    How would storing a game on your psn account alleviate bandwidth if you still have to download it from there when you get your PS4? Maybe, if they’d let you download it now and store it on a PS3…

    • FullerxspectruM

      How would that help? You would still have to move it to the other console

      • Krepler

        Obviously, which is faster than getting it day one with everyone else slowing down the servers.