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PS Vita Slim unboxing, UK US release still MIA

Sony has once again shown their allegiance to Japan with regards to the PS Vita, as the lovely new PS Vita 2000 or the PS Vita Slim as it has become popularly known, is now available to buy over in Asia. As a result, devoted fans are now starting to receive their imported systems and we can now bring you a solid unboxing video showing the goodness that is surely on the way in 2014.

Unfortunately, Sony are playing the waiting game on the likelihood of the PS Vita 2000 coming over to the UK and US. We have heard hints from Sony UK that there is already big interest among consumers, but so far we haven’t had any official announcements regarding release date or pricing.

It is bound to happen sooner or later though, it would be rather ridiculous if it didn’t. We’ve all heard early complaints on how the LCD screen is no where near as good as the original PS Vita with OLED screen, but the new model is still a lovely product to own.

Thinner and lighter are two main highlights of the new compact package, and now you can get a clear look at this with the unboxing video that we have included below. It comes courtesy of importer Kyletwentytwo and gives a great introduction into what comes inside the new packaging.

Remember that there is no 3G version anymore of the new PS Vita – only WiFi. The light blue / white version looks gorgeous in our opinion and we just hope that this color will become available in the UK and US when Sony feels the time is right.

We’ve already seen this color on sale here in Hong Kong, the image you see above is taken from just one of many HK sellers who already have a full selection of colors to choose from.

The joy of opening for the first time..
The joy of opening for the first time..

Aside from getting a general idea of what is included in the box, you’ll also be able to see a very useful glance at how the new Vita compares when placed side by side with the original model – although we did cover this aspect in a previous video review here.

What are your thoughts on the new model – are you tempted to import one yourself, or will you patiently wait until Sony decides to announce for UK and US release?



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