GTA V Online money glitch returns, aids heists

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 17, 2013

Making money in Grand Theft Auto V online has been fun for a lot of Product Reviews readers and as most of you know a bug was stopped by Rockstar with patch 1.03. Today, we want to highlight another video uploaded in the last 24 hours revealing a new GTA V Online money glitch that will aid in heists gameplay if you want some really expensive apartments among other things.

You should note that GTA V patch 1.04 will release soon along with a free $500,000 for GTA Online as a make good after a number of problems. While this video reveals an easy way to make money in GTA V online, if you want to take advantage of this glitch you might want to do it soon in-case patch 1.04 also fixes the so-called cheat.

The video author claims you can easily make “over $1,000,000 with this GTA 5 Online money making glitch”, and continued to explain it took them “less than 2 minutes”. The process involves selling a Truffade Adder that’s fully upgraded, which they like to call a “GTA V Online Adder LSC Resell Glitch“.

Watch the video below and share a comment about making money like this in GTA V Online, and let us know if you tried it yourself.

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  • Meliwinks

    ★complaints? Email the devs at ☆ MOUTHOFF@ROCKSTAR.COM ☆★

    replay button is NOT operational with 1.04 patch, and mission pay has been halved, at least, for any mission you have EVER played before. Or if you die, or if you, personally, don’t arrive at the mission end point…
    I was making money legitimately up until this point… Playing missions, calling contacts (granted I did sometimes wait and call again until I got a mission that I knew would pay well, but that’s not cheating, it’s being smart.)
    Now I am spending more on armor and ammo for a mission than said mission is paying me. I don’t have million dollar cars, I don’t have the $400,000 apartment, I have been playing by the rules, and R* is still screwing me over. Besides, It’s a game based on stealing stuff and doing whatever you need to in order to get paid.. There shouldn’t be a restriction on how many times you can play a mission before it just becomes pointless. I can only get previously played missions, but they don’t deliver in the $ department, so I am stuck in limbo, waiting for heists.

    The game has gone from something that was truly fun, and a joy to play… to something that makes me want to rip out my hair and throw my xbox out the window, all in less than a month. Way to go R*, put another one in the “fail” pile.

  • P90RUGER

    yea they said anyone over 20 mil earned through selling the cars would be reset nov 7

  • Matthias Müller

    unfortuanely i only made 750 k with the bike glitch 🙁

  • Cynic

    Haha did this for about 4 days have over $95 million in my bank, if you didn’t do this to bad haha it was patched last night.

  • gtaglitch

    Hahaha I got like 50million in the bank from selling the adder for and hour… evil laugh and now they patched it so if you haven’t done it its too late hahahaga

  • Gummy

    Followed step by step and lost my car

  • Common Sense

    If i paid for my game with MY OWN MONEY, I can do whatever the hell i want with my game, that includes replaying my favorite missions at will, running or using weapons in my own house or using any means necessary to make money since thats what this entire game is based on. If I’m suppose to wait for all of these patches to come out before i can get a heist and experience some new things with the game, then i may as well had bought a used copy whenever the price dropped. We all paid for our game, had nothing but issues since Day 1, The game has been out for a month and there are still issues, no heists, and no confirmed dates for the DLC. So to be clear you expect me, to be even more patient with this game, get used to the little stuff i can barely afford, not take advantage of anyway to enhance my progression and when the game is finally fixed PAY THEM MORE WITH THEIR MICRO TRANSACTION for quick money? But that isn’t the same thing as cheating anyways?? STFU and if R* resets everyone’s stats and progression again, GOOD, i will use this game as a trade in on BF4, Ghosts, AC4, or Watch Dogs, because at that point i will realize this game isn’t about making in game money with your friends and experiencing the world your way, its about R* creating the biggest Heist ever, calling it a video game (which is more like a Beta) and restricting everything it supposedly should’ve been, all while taking their sweet ass time. No one is telling them how to use their Billion dollar profit. So no one should tell me how to spend my time playing the game I bought. *Drops Mic

    • Mike

      What you’re assuming is that you own the game. But you dont. You own a disc that allows you to play the game. It’s people like you that piss everyone else off. If you don’t like the game then shut up and stop playing it. It’s that easy. Let people who enjoy the game continue to enjoy it. I don’t mind spending my hard earned cash to have a good time with my friends online. GTA online is a GREAT game

  • Eakie

    Why glitch?? I can never get my head round why people buy a game, then cheat? Its like buying a book and reading the last few pages!! End of the day, spend your money on whatever you want to waste it on, but for me GTA cost £40 and I’ll play it for what it is and if it takes me a year to be rich then I consider that a fair £40 spend, rather than glitching it and getting bored two days later thinking why did I spend £40 on this?

    • BooBee

      Why? Because I can. If they are not going to patch these exploits really fast, why pay for a shark card if it’s free. Honestly, despite exploiting I will still buy a shark card when money is no longer free just to support an awesome game.

  • HatePatch104

    You can’t sell an Adder or any car worth more than $50, 000. Bogus video.Glitching sucks.

    • nick

      Yes u can dickhead

  • Lester Edwards

    im sick of gta5 the 1.04 patch lowered the money for all missions fuk rockstar

  • quez

    Woks for me 3:15am xbox 360

  • reece

    Lies, I have the 1.04 update and it doesn’t come with in-game money.

    • Simon Bond

      At what point did Rockstar state that the update would immediately come with the money?! Idiot.

  • RebelMind

    made a bunch of money on this glitch till I got froze in the playstation store loading screen, had to quit game restart only to find out I lost all the money I got and plus the money I spent upgrading the car itself!

    • Stop Glitching

      Good, make money legitimately.

      • Eakie

        I’ll second that, I mean why glitch?? I can never get my head round why people buy a game, then cheat? Its like buying a book and reading the last few pages!! End of the day, spend your money on whatever you want to waste it on, but for me GTA cost £40 and I’ll play it for what it is and if it takes me a year to be rich then I consider that a fair £40 spend, rather than glitching it and getting bored two days later think why did I spend £40 on this?

        • n3rdybynature

          I use it because i have multiple characters i use and, I’ve grinded ranking up to 70 with my main character, and saved my money to buy cars and my apartment, just a bit time consuming for my other extraneous characters to do the same thing so, glitch welcomed


    i have done this multiple times to make me towards 30 million in under a hour *fully upgraded adder*

    • Good job

      I hope you know rockstar will perma ban everyone that has a ridiculous amount of car sales once the path comes out. Such as 30m.

      • n3rdybynature

        no they wont, they’ve stated this clearly they will only ban mods, any exploits they have in the game is all ok until they fix it, hence the reason its called an exploit. So please step down off your high horse

  • Yuma55

    Been glitching since launch, haven’t been banned yet. By the time they do get me, i think i have seen it all (online gets old pretty fast actually, 700 missions my ass) , and i didn’t spend an extra cent like a clown in a “free to play” game i paid 70 bucks for. 20 bucks for a million in game i believe, yea right lol. That is one car. Rockstar, kiss my butt.

  • MP3 files DVD

    To be able to fully upgrade any vehicle takes ages and you would make more money getting to that point anyways, what’s the point, by the time you have this high a rank to have such expensive cars available, and have completed that many missions to have unlocked all the upgrades, you would surely sick of GTAV anyways, don’t turn the game into a complete grind for yourself by doing this!


  • Iwillkillign

    No thanks, not going to cheaters servers or perma banned for silly glitch. Especially when there bringing grinding/replay button back.

    • GiantMidget

      Well, to be able to buy a car for $1,000,000 and afford the extensive amount of money to buy the upgrades, I would think that anybody who would do this would have already cheated using the other glitches anyway.

      • HatePatch104

        Not at all. I’ve made 6m legitimately just playing way too much and no way I’d sell my adder even if I could.

    • joker

      yea in ur dreams maybe

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        they actually are bringing it back if you did your research before shitting on someones comment which is true.Rockstar found a bug in the replay and it was disabled by accident and they are bringing it back in the 1.04 patch and all you cheaters are gonna be placed in a cheaters pool like max payne 3 as well gotta love people who use exploits to gain money because they can’t play legit and soon will be banned or reset and i hope its people who are 100 or higher and have to start over that will be funny as F.

        • Eakie

          Well Said!!!

        • Hoodedarche0

          The money will be added into your account at a later date (basically next week sometime) also do your research before complaining, Rockstar never said once that the money would be given to you upon downloading the update. All they said is that the update allows them to give you money from stimulus packages when they become available.

          P.S. Not doing your research and commenting on something you obviously don’t understand makes you look like a real idiot and a female dog.