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Google supports Chrome for Windows XP until 2015

If you are one of the few who still use Windows XP and your web browser of choice is Google Chrome, then you will be happy to know that Google is to support the browser on that OS until April 2015. This means you will have peace of mind when it comes to security for the next 18 months.

This extension means it will take it a year over the support that Microsoft will offer Windows XP. Having said that, overall support had ended in 2009, which was no surprise considering there have been several versions of the Windows operating system since.

When we said one of the few above, we are certain there are still millions of people using XP, but it is now a small percentage of those of you who use computers. It is good that Google has extended this support and not just dropped XP users, as it shows they are aware people still use XP and fear for browser attacks.

Google extends Chrome support for Windows XP
Google extends Chrome support for Windows XP

However, once April 2015 comes, then those of you who use Windows XP need to find an alternative operating system if you fear security exploits. Okay, so we know some of you do not want to pay the huge amount of money required for an updated Windows OS, but it is something you will need to consider – unless you want to make the switch to Mac OS, which we know is far cheaper?

Going back to the support that Microsoft currently offers XP users; PC World says they no longer offer Internet Explorer 9 support, but they do for IE8 still.



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