Elder Scrolls Online customization on PS4, Xbox One, PC

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2013

If you are looking forward to the release of Elder Scrolls Online next year on PC, Xbox One or PS4, we have a new gameplay video that we think you are going to enjoy. ZeniMax Online Studios have released a detailed look at how character customization works in the game, and you’ll be pleased to hear that there will be plenty of variety for you to choose from compared to Skyrim.

The game is looking better each time we see it and it could go on to be even better than Skyrim if frequent support is planned following on from release. Having said that, the big problem for most is that Elder Scrolls Online is still an MMO, which means paying a monthly subscription fee.

This already puts the game in a particular category and regardless of how good the game looks, some gamers just do not want to pay to play each month. We see a similar story with Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 and will probably see some concerns on paying for the same game on PS4 when it’s due out in 2014 along with Elder Scrolls Online.

For the hardcore that don’t mind paying though, this game is looking great. This week, we’re pleased to be able to bring you a good look at how you’ll be able to customize your warrior fully.

This handsome chap is available for customization.

This handsome chap is available for customization.

The developers have made a big emphasis on the word ‘robust’, allowing you to fine tune parameters such as body size, shoulder size, thickness of the arms and hands – and so on.

You can see the whole trailer below. Have a look and let us know if you are prepared to fork out money each month to play this game. Is there a big market for console MMOs or not in your opinion?

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  • Snot Shot

    This is MMO we talking about, why would someone make it a single player? Elder Scrolls single player has been released about 10 years ago.
    You want customer support, new content, updates, events, no cheating, bug fixes and you only want to pay once?
    Cmon people, you are happy with monthly spend of £10 on Itunes, £10 on some mobile games, £35 for repeats on Sky, £9.99 on Love Film, shall I go on? And you cant afford £15 for good quality game?

  • Eric

    I’d play it on a console but only if I paid the one time price of buying the game.

    • Tom Daly

      yeah if you add up everything you pay for it’s kinda ridiculous I mean it’s almost like a game you’re renting forever :/
      They should just make a complete single player game where you explore all of Tamriel with all TESO quests available of course and just get rid of the online and stuff I’d pay for that hahahah XD