Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer bonus to please veterans

We have some good news for Call of Duty Ghosts fans now, especially to those that have the game on pre-order. Activision had previously confirmed that the Free Fall DLC map would come for free with pre-orders, but now we have news of another bonus that will be thrown in on top as well.

This bonus is a little special as well for everyone who played Modern Warfare 2. That is because the famous Ghost character is coming back in a big way, in the form of a Ghost character skin that can be used in multiplayer mode to show off against other players.

Activision know how popular Ghost was from MW2, so what better way than to give fans a reminder of his popularity by including him as a playable skin in the new game. Infinity Ward has released a new trailer, showing how the skin will look in game – you can see this below.

As you can see below, this video highlights the Ghost skin that is available when pre-ordering with US retailer GameStop. However, we fully expect the same deal to become available with other retailers in the UK – you’ll just have to keep your eyes open, we’ll do the same thing.

Is Ghost a legend in your eyes?
Is Ghost a legend in your eyes?

Along with the Free Fall map and Double XP weekend at launch, the addition of the Ghost skin for multiplayer certainly adds a lot of incentive to those that have yet to pre-order the game. Don’t forget that you should get all of these items just by picking up the standard edition of the game – you won’t have to fork out high costs for one of the more luxurious Ghosts editions.

What are your thoughts on the skin – is it a nice way to reintroduce the Ghost character to new players, or would you have preferred to seen him in a different way?



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