PS4 Vs Xbox One resolution for games so far

By Alan Ng - Oct 16, 2013

Most of you are now well aware on the list of launch games that will be coming out for Xbox One and PS4 in November. What you probably don’t know yet though is the definitive answer on what resolutions that each next-gen game will support – crucial for finding out a level of graphics quality in a particular game.

As you can imagine, the debate over resolutions for PS4 and Xbox One is proving quite the topic on social messaging boards. Some gamers take resolution numbers very seriously, even over gameplay it seems – but then you could argue that it is very justified at the same time, considering it is new hardware that we are dealing with and consumers want to know just what exactly they are paying either $399 or $499 for.

With this in mind, we think you will find the following information both very interesting and very insightful. We know games like Killzone Shadow Fall will support 1080p visuals and 60FPS in multiplayer in ‘almost’ all areas. Meanwhile, Microsoft has already revealed that the Xbox One will be able to churn out this benchmark with games like Forza 5 – already confirmed to be supporting 1080p and 60FPS at launch.

Now we have a much wider list for you to gaze upon, showing some of the other resolutions that will be possible across PS4 and Xbox One. Note that this is obviously an unfinished list that we have found over at Neogaf, with FPS left missing from the games where developers have kept this information hidden for the moment.

Without further ado, here is the list so far:

Playstation 4

The Order: 1886 = 1920×800
KillZone: Shadow Fall = 1920×1080 (MP=60fps, SP=30fps)
Infamous: Second Son = 1920×1080
DriveClub = 1920×1080 (Targeting 60fps)
Resogun = 1920×1080 (60fps)
Knack = 1920×1080
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag = 1920×1080
Thief = 1920×1080
Blacklight: Retribution = 1920×1080
Warframe = 1920×1080
Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080
Flower = 1920×1080 (60fps)
FIFA = 1920×1080
DC: Universe Online = 1920×1080 (60fps)

Xbox One

Killer Instinct = 1280×720 (60fps)
Ryse: Son of Rome = 1600×900
Forza 5 = 1920×1080 (60fps)
Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080
FIFA = 1920×1080
Dead Rising 3 = “Dynamic” Resolution (30fps)

We notice that Capcom’s PS4 exclusive has been missing off the list as well. Perhaps it should be added, as we’ve heard that Capcom shouldn’t have any problems achieving 60FPS and 1080p on the game, although obviously we’re still at an early development stage with the game.

What do you make of the above list, remember that it is not completed yet by any means. Does PS4 have the clear edge when it comes to getting to the benchmark of 1080p and 60FPS across most titles? It’s by no means a finished race yet so don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

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  • Chris Adamson

    i tweeted Activition support (17th October!) to confirm the native resolution for COD Ghosts..

    Activision Support ‏@ATVIAssist17 Oct

    @chrisoadamson Hi there Chris. No info on that yet, but stay tuned for updates!^MD

    makes me think how many of these are actually fact then?!!

  • chubby

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  • chubby

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  • chubby

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  • Cappernougght

    All I ever hear Sony supporters say is that the PS4 is 50 percent more powerful and that the Xbox One has no games running at native 1080p, yet the list here says otherwise. It will be interesting to see when 3rd party games come out for both consoles so we can see what the difference really is.

  • tom

    Game Informer quoted that the PS4 exclusive “The Order: 1886” has the best graphics they have EVER seen on ANY platform, and Game Informer are always honest and credible – are you sure about 1920×800 for that game?

    • Cappernougght

      800p does not necessarily mean worse graphics. You can still have high detail texture and higher polygon count. It is up to the developer whether resolution is more important then details. Really, with 800p vs 1080p, it will be hard to tell the difference on screen. Especially with up-scaling on.

  • Guest

    Too bad $0N¥ PauperStation is going for the quantity and not quality approach. Low IQ paupers only look at numbers and fall for it like the low IQ pauperlemmings that they are. The better launch lineup is on the Xbox One, not the $0N¥ PauperStation Foul.

    • guest

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  • vshadowv

    You backed absolutely nothing up…

    • Chi Yin

      Look at the neogaf post before commenting.

  • vshadowv

    I’m just curious where you came up with these numbers?

    • Greg Smith

      If you go to each sites page they all give specs. Also in dev diaries.

  • Bertrum

    Nice, some numbers, meaningless out of context of image fidelity. Stinky fanboi bait by marketeers to keep website publishers pushing out more “news”.
    Rather than pushing out half complete news, how about an analysis of actual fidelity of games. Pushing out a few thousand triangles at high resolution and at speed doesn’t cut it these days, that could be done in the 80s, its the hundreds of thousands with quality of fragment shading that is important for visuals at speeds. Neither console has yet to prove that yet and with the entry level PC APU, may not for some time.

  • I would think that if the hardware of the PS4 and the XBox One were truly up to snuff, they would have no problem hitting 60FPS at 1080p on all of the initial games. I’m disappointed…

    • tom

      First console launch games are never fully optimised, check out launch games on PS3 compared to the amazing graphics of “The Last of Us” or “GTA5” on PS3 now, expect 1080p 60fps to be very easily achievable on PS4.

      • The Last of Us is good. It does some graphics tricks to make it look “pretty”. We’re not talking graphics quality (Bitmapping, etc), we’re talking frame rates. I would expect a “Next-Gen” system to hit 60 FPS, 1080p right out of the gate without effort, based upon basic specs of the system. It should be the standard considering 4K TV’s are hitting the market. What I’m being told is that my next TV that I am playing games on will never get to experience it’s full glory with either console and I’ll have to wait another seven years before I get to enjoy what it’s capable of.

  • MartinDoyle

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