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Pokemon X and Y Lumiose City bug fix to solve crash

We have a very important heads-up to all Pokemon X and Y players starting their adventures on the Nintendo 3DS this week. It has been confirmed that there is a game-breaking bug that is present, whenever a user happens to save his or her game whilst outside in Lumiose City.

This is definitely not a minor bug as well. We have video evidence showing that when the bug occurs, the game as well as the 3DS system will become totally unresponsive – ie, the touchscreen commands and everything.

Nintendo has officially acknowledged the bug and will be patching up the issue soon, but for now it looks like the damage has been done with many players already deleting their save file as they cannot obviously continue past Lumiose City.

Fortunately, it looks like we have found a temporary workaround to fix the Lumiose City bug that some players have already said works for them. Basically if you have the very same issue as mentioned above, you can try pressing the home button repeatedly in order to get past the freeze stage.

It may work for you or it may not, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are just sitting there waiting around for a fix. As far as we’re aware, this is only happening with retail copies of the game and only happens when you are outside in Lumiose City – there’s apparently no problems if you try to save when inside a building in this area.

For now, it’s best to avoid saving in Lumiose City until Nintendo officially launches a patch. However, we really feel for those that have had to delete their entire save and start again out of sheer frustration.

You can check out the video below for evidence of the freeze. Let us know if you have experienced this exact issue with your game or not. Do you have any other suggestions for users to try?



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