GTA V PC release timing after Watch Dogs delay

If you haven’t heard the massive news over the last 24 hours, we can remind you that Watch Dogs, Ubisoft’s big open-world game has been delayed. It is now coming out in Spring 2014 which could mean even more trouble for the publisher if Rockstar decides that Spring is the time to unleash next-gen PS4, Xbox One and of course the highly anticipated GTA V PC release date.

With just five weeks to go until release, the only way to interpret this is with major shock. The game had shown no previous signs of being in trouble, with live gameplay demonstrations at trade shows looking fantastic and every much the finished article.

Ubisoft however obviously feels otherwise and have made the difficult decision to cancel the game until Spring 2014. A lot of gamers had high hopes that it could even go on to be a better game than GTA V, but will the hype and interest still be there by the time the game comes out in 2014?

GTA V PC fans are patiently waiting for any hint of information regarding a release date and the news about Watch Dogs could be deemed as the nail in the coffin as far as Ubisoft’s hopes are concerned. April 2014 would be around the perfect time to drop GTA V on PC and Xbox One and PS4, and of course would stick to Rockstar’s previous traditions of releasing PC versions around 6-8 months after the console version has released.

Is Ubisoft in trouble if GTA V PC lands in Spring 2014?
Is Ubisoft in trouble if GTA V PC lands in Spring 2014?

Imagine if Ubisoft realize that their Spring release for Watch Dogs has actually become a one on one dog fight with the PC version of GTA V – will they be able to withstand that kind of heat or not? We have already seen what kind of damage GTA V has done in terms of world record sales on the console version.

Add PC to the mix with thousands of PC owners looking to add GTA V mods to the game, and Ubisoft may find themselves with an even bigger problem on their hands.

Firstly, as a GTA fan what is your reaction to the Watch Dogs delay? Do you agree that the new Spring 2014 release could fall right in between Rockstar’s plans to unleash the PC version of the game?



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