Xbox One hardware performance improves with updates

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2013

We have some interesting and very encouraging news to share to all those gamers who plan on picking up Microsoft’s Xbox One console. We have heard this week that the console will actually ship with the ability to improve its own performance over time, thanks to the power of the Cloud according to Microsoft.

That man again Phil Harrison has provided some intriguing comments on the future of the console, revealing in a recent interview that the Xbox One can actually be upgraded by the company with updates in the Cloud that could improve performance of the console.

We keep on hearing about the Xbox One Cloud lately, most recently when it was confirmed that Killer Instinct updates can happen at any time since data is stored on the Cloud. Now, Phil Harrison explains to MCV on how they can use the same technology to improve the performance of the console over time.

“And with Xbox One using the power of cloud we can add features, we can add functionality, we can have performance increases over time. I think that will keep the platform very fresh over a long period of time.”

We’ve also seen Microsoft’s Cloud being used for other game aspects such as AI. It certainly seems like it could become a major selling point of the console if it kicks off – but have you bought into the idea of Cloud-powered gaming yet?

More talk on the power of the cloud!

More talk on the power of the cloud!

We only just mentioned earlier this week that GTA V data could have done with a bit of Cloud power so that player’s online characters wouldn’t have been deleted.

How will it work though with regards to improving the console’s performance over time though – it’s bold claims if they can manage it and the PS4 is unable to.

Give us your thoughts on the latest comments from Mr Harrison.

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  • seeafish

    Wow….. That is the most BS I have seen since I moved into the city from a bull farm.
    It is technically impossible to “upgrade” hardware via software. You can only optimise further to squeeze more power out of it, but what the hell does that have to do witb cloud? It’s just a friggin system update. Phil Harrison literally said (paraphrasing) they will be applying patches to improve the performance. How is that a special, Xbox One only thing? Every device ever can do that.
    The saddest thing is that people will read this and base their purchasing decisions on it. Gamers, it seems, are not very knowledgeable when it comes to computing.

    • Tangii

      ^^^ Exactly! Have you ever updated your graphics cards drivers on your pc? Same thing, and with anything MS it needs updates. Look at their track record push Vista out before finishing it. then optimise and call it windows 7…MS has proven time and time again they rush products to market then try to fix them. or should I say finish them.