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Xbox One Friends app featured on Microsoft video

Microsoft has been rather quiet on dishing out the juicy information regarding the company’s brand new interface that will debut with the Xbox One. We all know it is going to be based off Windows 8, but now we are pleased to bring you the first detailed tour of the software, which focuses on the new Friends app that is coming to Xbox One.

One feature that we already know about Xbox One Friends, is that Microsoft will be expanding the total number of friends space to 1,000 friends. While we all joke about whether this number will actually be reached by any single user genuinely, Major Nelson has now offered a much more detailed tour on what is new with friends.

He has uploaded a video this time, rather than his usual blog entries, providing commentary and a very useful introduction and walkthrough on how Xbox One Friends will operate. The interface and fresh visual touches will immediately stick out as a big plus, but we love the live feed that you’ll get used to seeing on a daily basis.

You can check out a live feed which displays what activity your Xbox One friends are participating in, whether it be playing a certain game, watching TV, using various software or simply browsing the internet.

This is how Xbox One profile pages will look..
This is how Xbox One profile pages will look..

It’s all displayed in an eye-catching format and we especially like the look at how you can easily view a friend’s uploaded clips on the recent activity section.

We’ve seen a lot of the PS4 interface, but how do you think Xbox One Friends compares in comparison? Enjoy the video and give us your thoughts below.



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