PS4 photo with ‘Red light of death’ overheat claims

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2013

We wondered how long it would take for something like this to turn up, and it looks like we have our first instance. An interesting report has emerged from Spain, along with a photo which appears to suggest that the PS4 system has the potential to overheat, resulting in the usual blue power red changing to a red one.

Before you get worked up, there are some important details to add to the claims. Firstly, we understand that the photo you see here is of a PS4 unit that is firmly enclosed inside a plastic shell, with no obvious ventilation routes – not even a few peek holes.

Sony obviously wants to keep their trade units away from suspected criminals who may try to take one home, and it looks like the console in question has paid the consequence on this occasion. Although still not confirmed to be accurate, you clearly see that the system is sporting a rather scary red light.

Apparently, along with the red light, the system offered up the message on screen which again is very interesting to take into account.

The PS4 allegedly stated that the system was in danger of overheating and then automatically shut itself down and restarted again, prompting the red light to return to its normal blue state.

If that is true, then obviously Sony have learned their lesson from previous issues with the original fat PS3. It could actually be fantastic news if the PS4 has an anti overheating system in place to warn users that their console is in danger.

The same PS4 console returned to a blue-light state shortly after the issue..

The same PS4 console returned to a blue-light state shortly after the issue..

It also has to be said that no home owner in their right state of mind is going to place their PS4 inside a plastic box with no ventilation areas whatsoever. With this in mind, we don’t think you should be too worried about the PS4 breaking easily and it’s certainly not worth talking about ‘red lines of death’ that we are already seeing spread on social media boards.

What are your thoughts about this? Are you more interested in the potential anti-overheat capabilities of the PS4 rather than early red lights?

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  • vincent william

    I think that was Red Light standby mode… ZzZ

  • ps3killer

    well im happy to see this as at least i know that if mine gets to hot this time it will tell me not go blink yellow light of death and die

  • Saigon

    Sony already debunked the rumor…so i guess this article could be updated also…

  • Kola kube

    That’s actually a good thing, self temp monitoring to prevent permanent damage

  • SmgUk

    LOL HackStation is already having problems

    • Henry Asenime

      Did you even read the article?

      • SmgUk

        Yes i read a bunch of drivel theres a massive great gap where the hinges are LOL

        • Henry Asenime

          I didn’t actually see drivel until I read your commments. ‘Massive great gap” nice try

  • Kevin

    Couldn’t it be standby?