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PS4 Perfect Day Ad shows system potential

While Microsoft has just demoed one of the first previews showing off the new Friends application inside the Xbox One, Sony has already unleashed the first TV advertisement for the upcoming PS4 console launch. It is called ‘Perfect Day’ and once again uses the ‘Greatness Awaits’ motto to give a live-action demonstration of the upcoming potential of the system.

Just like the famous ‘Michael’ Ad that Sony pushed out to huge success, this latest one is bound to become very popular as well. We prefer the live-action Ads if given the choice and it now seems that Sony does as well.

They have drafted in a couple of actors to portray the PS4 system as a beacon of light that offers gamers the ‘perfect’ experience. As a result, we see the classic ‘Perfect Day’ song by Lou Reed playing in the background, with the actors switching between games such as The Elder Scrolls Online (We think it is anyway?), Drive Club and Killzone Shadow Fall, in their respective props and relevant costumes.

It’s a nicely made Ad for sure, the Drive Club segment is actually rather funny when you watch it for the first time. We wonder if these two actors are going to be featuring in a lot more PS4 commercials as the system picks up pace after launch – or are you missing Kevin Butler already?

Sony promoting such Drive Club aggression?
Sony promoting such Drive Club aggression?

Sony once again teases the November 15 release date at the end of the trailer, just in case you needed a further reminder of when the world is set to go next-gen. Have a look at the clip below and tell us if you think it beats the Michael trailer.

Are you fully convinced that Sony has the tools to be a success in the next-gen wars with Microsoft?



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