Kingdom Hearts 3 mindblowing gameplay excites

The moment has arrived for all Kingdom Hearts fans around the world. The first actual Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay has emerged over in Japan and the results of the first Kingdom Hearts game on next-gen game consoles is nothing short of breath-taking.

The game has been already been confirmed for a release on the Xbox One and PS4 systems, with the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date hopefully scheduled for sometime in 2014. We say hopefully, as anything can happen with a Square-Enix game remember, but this one is rather special.

Put the Final Fantasy XV excitement to one side, as KH3 is really looking like a massive game in the making. We’ve just seen the first gameplay running over in Japan, as Square-Enix generously showed off a portion of the game in its early development stage at the D23 Expo in Tokyo.

We’ve located the same clip for you below, allowing you to watch and behold the beauty which you have probably missed for a very long time. This is a game that will be coming to the Xbox One one as well remember, the first time that Kingdom Hearts will be appearing on a Microsoft console.

Look at those mind-blowing effects and smoothness with the illuminated ship scene. Then, the train sequence is even better – that has to be a solid 60 frames per second that we’re seeing there, right? Remember to crank up the YouTube quality to either 720p or 1080p HD to really get the full effect of this video.

The wait is definitely going to be worth it!
The wait is definitely going to be worth it!

Hopefully Square-Enix will follow this teaser with a confirmation that the game is running at 1080p native on both the Xbox One and PS4 – how amazing would that be? Fans of the series have been waiting a long time for a brand new Kingdom Hearts game, so we really hope that Square-Enix doesn’t disappoint with any delays.

Are we looking at potentially one of the best games of 2014 already? Give us your thoughts on the very first look at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay.



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