GTA V heists DLC release date wait down to money

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2013

How are you getting on with GTA Online so far? Have you grown tired of Rockstar’s recent attempts to cut down on the amount of free money that GTA V players can obtain online? One of the big hopes for earning cash is going to come with Heists, but Rockstar has yet to confirm when the GTA V Heists DLC release date will happen – keeping everyone waiting as usual.

Having said that, the developer originally promised that they would be pushing out DLC for the game as soon as possible and we have already had the free Beach Bum pack remember. The Heists mode is going to be another free piece of content for you and should already be in the final stages of releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3 – unlike the proper DLC expansions that will probably be available at some point in early 2014.

Unfortunately, we can’t help but notice some of the disappointment in the air regarding GTA Online. It was made even worse this week when it was confirmed that all GTA Online players wouldn’t get their characters back if they had suddenly been deleted amid the server and connection issues.

It means that most players have to start fresh and $500,000 may not be enough to cover the costs of what you initially spent on your character. Fortunately though, this is where Heists may come in very useful indeed.

This mode is going to be a pure money-making machine and we have a feeling that the hold up on the release date, is purely due to the fact that Rockstar doesn’t want players to earn money too easily.

Are you dying to play GTA  V Heists?

Are you dying to play GTA V Heists?

They have seen players use GTA Online missions tactics to repeat and rinse, making tons of GTA$ per hour, so they obviously don’t want the same thing happening with Heists. Hopefully the rewards will still be beneficial, but we have a view that Rockstar will ensure that players still have the temptation to buy GTA cash cards in the back of their minds at all times – Rockstar wants to make money from this after all.

How are you dealing with the wait for GTA Heists? Have you completed all other aspects of the game and are waiting for this at all costs? Do you agree that money-balancing issues could be the reason why Heists still isn’t out?

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  • h0rstiLP

    The Heist Update will be the best Update/DLC for Gta online i think because you can get very easy much money, you know?

    sry. for my english :DD i’m from germany and i’m 15 years old ^^

  • yeahasd

    this article states that we already have the beach bum pack. so everything else is null

  • Napalm

    I have no sympathy with those that lost progress and characters, they knew the risk all very well, they knew there was a problem with the cloud server, they were advised to not play it for a while yet, they continued to play and loose characters numerous times, kept on re-creating new characters only to keep loosing them, farming to rank up fast and earn fast cash then cry all over Rockstar community forums bad mouthing something shocking about how lame Rockstar was to this day, they are still bad mouthing like it was Rockstars fault for the lose of characters, now bad mouthing about how Rockstar has lowered the replay payout of missions, they cried about medical bills being too high, Rockstar lowered that to a max of $500. They all should read what they have so far written and showed no appreciation of the work Rockstar has bent over backwards to fix for them all so far. Their own fault for lose of this and that, they should read and take in what others that are going through the same thing but not keeping on re-creating characters, to lose them again and what they have written for them to not be in a position to which they now feel GTA online has wasted their own time, with the amount of characters they have lost.

    • Really now?

      I mean your entitled to your opinion, but they did drop the ball with online and it was there fault because they could have made a beta for it or brought down the servers earlier to fix the problems, for everyone who waited they are way far behind those who are already higher than 100, and join a free roam only to be destroyed by tanks and mini guns. for this sir I take pity on you for not seeing both points of view.

  • LaCrika De TuMai

    I guess $1 Billion wasn’t enough.

  • heinzmoleman

    Molepeople always recruiting all levels. Very active membership and we take low level guys on high level missions to get u RP aand cash fast.

  • lordxhypnos

    Get on social club. Join hypnos crew. Metalheads very welcome. In Flames we trust. Ps3

  • king

    Beach bum pack? Ive never seen that

  • chiffmonkey

    “we have already had the free Beach Bum pack remember” When?

  • Tim

    Why exploit glitches? It just makes the game no fun.

  • d

    Im rich from the adder glitch
    I got 7.8m and all the super cars, best apartment
    I may go ahead and get 20m but i dont wanna get banned

    • CREAM

      I’m at 20m hahah 🙂

      • daChino02

        it’s no fun when you can’t actually work for it. glitch users are lame.

  • James

    also they is the adder glitch where u can get around 50 million per hour

  • surfjax

    I have $20 million in the bank from the bike glitch

    • Lemon

      well someones getting banned

  • Rich

    Madmadchuck I bet you tried that bike cheat I see guilty all over the words you written lol .. Cheers for the heads up going to check youtube videos about that glitch I need some ingame cash…

    • NgTurbo

      Had a little giggle at that comment Rich!

  • MrDavis630

    “and we have already had the free Beach Bum pack remember.” when?? i have yet to get any download that wasnt a patch ie i have had no added content so what is the author talking about here??

  • Madmadchuck

    Well, hopefully they do something about all the exploiters that have made millions with the bike exploit….

    • the gta player

      i have to say…a friend of mine has done that…and although he has a ton of money it really has given him no benefit over me in the game…i mean sure he can have the great sports cars…but if u dont race…they arnt worth money to me online only helps u buy weapons and those are easy to come by anyway

      • um idk

        well I really need that money because I am dying to purchase fast cars for getaways and for races. I also need it to purchase military vehicles mainly for bounty hunting and using them in dangerous missions.

        • MrDavis630

          go do some races, they make good money and make it so that you can buy the upgrades for the cars not just buy the stock car, because most of the cars need that turbo and engine upgrade!!