GTA V Online character problems end on sour note

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2013

We have some bad news to bring to you now, for those players that have experienced problems with GTA Online, with specific relation to characters disappearing or being deleted altogether without reason. It appears that the recent cash handout was a softening blow as Rockstar has just confirmed that you won’t be able to get your character back if it has been deleted.

This is going to be a hard pill to swallow indeed for those that have spent precious money customizing their character, only to find out that they are never coming back. Rockstar revealed the bad news over at their support section of the company’s website.

If your character has been deleted for whatever reason, you won’t be able to get them back. That also means that you should kiss goodbye to any high rank that you had taken the time to earn online and you’ll have to start from scratch hoping that the issues don’t happen again.

Is this kind of situation a big example why switching to cloud-based game storage is a good idea for the future? Imagine if Rockstar are able to store all GTA 6 data on their cloud, instead of on local users’ systems.

It would eliminate problems like this from ever occurring again and it must surely be a consideration now from the developer, as a lot of gamers are mad. We’ve even read some feedback from many who say that they won’t play GTA Online again because of their character being deleted just suddenly.

What rank was your character?

What rank was your character?

Does $500,000 make up for the loss of rank and data in your opinion or not? Hopefully players will be getting their first $250,000 payment along with the 1.04 patch later this week on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Give us your thoughts on Rockstar’s statement below. What rank was your character before it went missing in the game?

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  • Zack Sarles

    This is what you get when you Micro transact…should play legit instead of being the person that pays to win

  • truebludevil

    How high of a rank could you have gotten in four days I had a level 21 lost I started over now I’m at 38 so the 500 k is great now I can buy my Bugatti for 1 mill

  • deeznaughts

    The game is still good. Be patient. This will define mmo for a long time to come. Consider the multiplayer a bonus and be happy with the badass game you got for sixty bucks.

  • jp

    Rockstar warned of launch complications. People should have considered this before investing their feelings too heavily before Rockstar was able to patch in support of the unprecedented and 7-time Guiness Record setting number of new game owners. It’s one thing to be confident about a new entertainment product you just created but to expect this?