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BBM timeline for Android and iOS narrowed down

A couple of weeks ago BlackBerry released a new beta version of BBM for Android, although there was no news on the iOS version. Things have since been a little quiet, and as such has been annoying those of you who have been waiting for the app, but there has been a new development.

The BBM timeline for Android and iOS has now been narrowed down thanks to BlackBerry’s Frank Boulben, as he recently told Reuters that the cross-platform version of the app could be released within days. If this is the case, then Android and iOS users might be able to download and install BBM once again sometime this week – although we know how unreliable BlackBerry has been.

We understand that BlackBerry had issues with the app, but removing it shortly after its Android release did not go down well. One would have presumed the BBM cross-platform app would have been stable from the outset, rather than wait to find out after its release.

However, BlackBerry is now confident all the BBM for Android and iOS issues are resolved. The company needs things to go smoothly because we know they are facing a crisis at the moment, and so releasing BBM for other platforms should help, although they need to find ways to monetize the app.

There has already been debates as to why people would want BBM when there are other apps, such as Whatsapp, but we know BBM has better features and security. We will be downloading the app and reporting on just how it differs when compared to the BlackBerry version. We just hope those issues have been ironed out.



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