Battlefield 4 graphics fears with Xbox 360 installs

By Alan Ng - Oct 15, 2013

Have you been worrying about graphics quality on the Xbox 360 of Battlefield 4 following on from the release of the public beta? If so, you’ll be interested to know that DICE has just confirmed a few home truths about the Xbox 360 version, in relation to required installs that the developer claims will boost performance of the game.

It has now been confirmed that Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 will have a 2GB installation when you buy the game, which is a mandatory install that all players will have to take the time to install. However, you won’t be finished there if you are looking to get the ‘best performance’ possible from the Xbox 360 version.

DICE has now revealed on their website that multiplayer mode has an additional 6.6GB file that players can install which will apparently help to run the game better. DICE has recommended that all Xbox 360 players install the file, but obviously a 6.6GB install is going to be a nightmare on launch date when you really just want to head straight into the game.

We can also reveal that the single-player mode of the game has an optional install as well. If you want to improve performance whilst playing through the campaign, you can install a 5.8GB file should you deem it necessary.

You may want to opt for the PC version if graphics is a big thing for you..

You may want to opt for the PC version if graphics is a big thing for you..

What we don’t know yet of course, is just how much difference these massive install files will make to the graphical quality of the game. It’s no secret that the Xbox 360 beta was lacking in the graphics department compared to other platforms, so hopefully this patch goes some way to remedying the situation.

Did you expect something like this to happen after the complaints? Let us know if you will install the 6.6GB file or not.

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  • xp_killer

    Another proof ps4 is more POWERFULL than the xbone >_< but I'm still getting a xbone for TITANFALL and KILLER INSTINCT :p

    • Mr Frost

      Please read the article proper sir before commenting. Xbox 360 is the console this article is in regards to. nothing to do with Xbox one or ps4.

      • Deadred

        Or at least read the headline, that too states it is the 360. Some people just can’t be bothered with actually knowing what they are talking about I guess! Lol