Apple’s October 2013 press event, invites imminent

By Peter Chubb - Oct 15, 2013

Having already enjoyed an Apple event last month, we are expecting another very soon, with most rumors suggesting October 22, 2013. This means Apple’s October 2013 press event should be a week today. If this is the case, then we expect to see invites going out today.

The October event invitations should help give us an idea of what to expect, as there are usually clues as to what products will be unveiled, although we already have a pretty good idea. What would you like to see on Apple’s October 2013 event invitations?

We have already seen many rumors offering a hint of what to expect, which include the iPad 5, iPad mini 2, 2013 MacBook Pro with Haswell, all-new Mac Pro and also OS X Mavericks. We are not sure if Apple will also release the iPod touch 6G, but with the current model only being a year old, we highly doubt it.

If Apple is to hold an event on October 22nd, then we can be certain the invites will go out today. This is not guesswork, but more looking at what Apple did last month and this time last year, as they always give us a week from when the invites go out.

October 22nd is a busy date for tech fans, as there is not only the rumors of an Apple event, but also a Nokia event and the release of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

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  • MrPhysics

    Yay!! We get to see more of the same!! An Ipad with proper ratios, a possible mini with a better display and a laptop with a new improved laptop chip. INNOVATION!!! Wait, didn’t most computer companies already put the Haswell chip into their laptops without fanfare? BUT WAIT!!! They could have a useless fingerprint reader!! I am getting in line now so that I can overpay by 300% and have apple publicly laugh at me for doing so……!