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Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 review gives first impression

The Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 is small and compact camera, although does pack some impressive specs, one of which is Full HD video recording. We thought you might like to know some of the specs, which are explained in the embedded video, but first it offers an unboxing.

You need to stick with the video for a few minutes, as he goes on about his video channel and the changes he has made to it. The Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 is a great camera for those who just what to keep in your pocket ready to take photos or shoot videos at a moments notice.

However, if this is your only camera, then it might not be up to the task, but is perfect as a second or third, which is explained in the video review. The Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 specs are 18.2 megapixels, 20x optical zoom, 3-inch display, and a great battery life according to Sony.

Unboxing the Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 camera
Unboxing the Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 camera

What you might like about this unboxing is how you also get to see some Sony Cyber shot DSC WX300 video sample footage, just to see how well it performs when used to take videos.

Gong back to that unboxing, we were a little surprised to see that you cannot remove the battery from the camera to charge it. This means you cannot charge one battery while using another, so you will need to make certain you always have your spare battery charged before using the camera.

While the video is very detailed, we do feel it drags on a bit, although this is not necessarily a bad thing.



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