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PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall graphics enhanced further

Sony has been hyping up Killzone Shadow Fall as the one PS4 launch game that is going to set the barrier for the system come November 15. The graphics have been one particular highlight of Guerilla’s latest game, and now we can bring you the newest build of the shooter courtesy of a recent event over in Russia.

We all know that Killzone Shadow Fall is going to be a PS4 game that will support 1080p visuals and 60FPS in multiplayer at most occasions. This has been considered a major advantage for shooter fans and although the game already looks amazing graphically, we can tell you that Guerilla are still tweaking the game to look even better upon release.

We have a new video to show you now, offering some off-screen footage, but with all new graphical effects that Guerilla have updated to give the game’s environments an even higher level of polish. You may not notice on first glance, but Guerilla has now added moving mist in the game, which you can clearly see in effect during the video.

Next, there’s evidence of a reduction in LOD (level of detail), which means that you should be able to play the game without witnessing any more pop-in issues. You only need to play the console versions of the Battlefield 4 beta if you are yet to be greeted by pop-in problems – that will tell you all you need to know.

Fans are in for a graphical treat with Killzone
Fans are in for a graphical treat with Killzone

For an off-screen video, the visuals look absolutely fantastic. Now imagine being at home on a surround-sound system playing this in 1080p on a high-end television. Sony have been hyping up the game to death, but it looks like their reasons for it will be well justified on November 15.

Are there any other PS4 launch games that can compete with this? Enjoy the finest look at Killzone Shadow Fall yet and let us know your thoughts on the graphics improvements below. Don’t forget to crank up the YouTube quality to HD.



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