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PS4 graphics unleashed with Deep Down 1080p multiplayer

If the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down is on your radar next year, we have some gameplay that you simply can’t afford to miss. We saw Capcom’s free-to-play RPG live at the Tokyo Game Show, but now you have the opportunity to check out a direct feed version of the gameplay, running at 1080p and the best quality you may have witnessed so far.

Deep Down has gained a considerable amount of followers ever since its initial unveiling in February, even more so after we saw the first actual gameplay at last at the Tokyo Game Show in September. The problem was though, that many of you may have had to put up with watching a live stream recording of the gameplay, meaning that the quality wasn’t obviously very good.

Now, we give you the chance to take another look at the game, courtesy of RajmanGaming’s YouTube channel. We see the game in the finest quality yet, showing off single-player and multiplayer for Deep Down complete with the same amusing Japanese commentary that we saw at TGS.

We are still seeing some complaints over the quality of the graphics, but we think the lighting effects look amazing. Don’t forget that we are still months away from the game’s completion and this was the very first gameplay build shown that was running live.

Graphics are not a concern for us..
Graphics are not a concern for us..

Developers often have the chance to improve on graphics significantly before the game’s actual release, so Deep Down is likely to look even better as we approach the final release date. Four player online co-op looks particularly exciting, but we’re looking forward to seeing further gameplay videos that show something other than just battling dragons.

Are you disappointed with the level of criticism that this game is still getting? We think it looks just fine. It’s not a next-gen Breath of Fire game which we would have preferred, but it looks like a solid alternative to Dragon’s Dogma and a game that could end up being one of Sony’s big hitters in 2014 to counter Titanfall on the Xbox One.



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