PS Plus November 2013 update with no complaints

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2013

We keep hearing great feedback from current PS Plus subscribers and it’s easy to see why. Sony appears to have built something of an empire, in which gamers are now very happy to throw their money at the company each month in return for great incentives and more importantly – monthly updates to the free instant games collection.

PS3 owners are happy playing the likes of Far Cry 3 at the moment as the main game in the EU PS Plus section, but we now can reveal the big game that will be free to all PS Plus subscribers in November 2013 – for EU consumers again.

Sony has pulled out all of the stops to ensure that November’s free game will be Metal Gear Solid Rising. Don’t forget that this new hack-n-slash entry in the long running franchise isn’t an old game and is still awaiting a PC release from the guys over at Platinum Games.

We also told you recently that Sony admitted that they are regularly striking deals with publishers behind the scenes to ensure that the list of games for PS Plus subscribers continues to excite each month. Aside from Metal Gear Rising, PS3 users in Europe are also going to be able to choose from Remember Me, OddWorld: Stranger’s Wrath and MotorStorm RC – the latter two being free games for your PS Vita.

Remember Me is an addition that should be a positive surprise for a lot of you, but the highlight is obviously Metal Gear Rising if you have yet to play it.

How good is the PS Plus Instant Game Collection?

How good is the PS Plus Instant Game Collection?

It’s a mouthwatering prospect to consider Sony continuing to give away free games on PS Plus, but on the PS4 as well. Imagine when we get to 2014 and Sony will already be able to offer the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son, free as part of the IGC.

It almost sounds too good to be true. Let us know your experiences of being a PS Plus subscriber. Does anyone actually have any bad stories to share?

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  • Devin Burgess

    First off saying Im insane because the games I get on xbox are trully free makes you look insane. Obvoiusly you dont have both systems because you just sound like a fanboy. Free games does not make for a better online gaming experience or the features that come with live. Downloads are quicker on my xbox even with ps3 having gigabit connection, xbox community is more accessible, xbox downloads while its tuned off so I can do remote downloads from my tablet,phone or pc.If i dont pay formy ps+ they dont give me access to those free/rented games but I dont worry because I will always have ps+.Only ps fanboys get mad about ppl saying live is better than psn hundreds of reveiws of critics and people who have both all say live is better.Im judging from having both and the xbox is faster and easier way to find, play, and make friends.If psn had a better online it would be my system of choice but it doesnt so i go with live.

  • ThePixelDaddotcom

    Maybe I’m being a baby, but I think it’s a piss poor selection in the U.S. I mean, I’ve gotten Hitman: Absolution, Saints Row 3, and one more I can’t remember at the moment, but that’s it. I’ve tried all the other free games, and I’m just not into them. Unless it gets DRASTICALLY better, I won’t be renewing my subscription next year.

    • Byron Frank

      I don’t have a problem with getting free stuff…ever…but its been really ticking me off that Europe keeps getting all the good games and I get stuck with indie trash that I don’t want. I really want both of those titles and I want Farcry 3. I’m going to be mad if I don’t get them in the next couple of months and I’ll take it out on Sony by not buying their products for a while.

  • Nathan Auroro Korvis Walsh

    No complaints in EUROPE

  • LEE

    ps+ is a great service that makes sonys contribution to the consoles ps3,ps vita and soon ps4 stand alone at 1# above all other consoles . As a long time subscriber to ps+ i have had great games and have no longer had the urge to go out and buy games except the obvious call of duty as all the top games from this year and last have been given free to subscribers . If your not subscribed go and do it now. I have over 100 games in my collection …. inc GTA IV , every assassins creed that has been released so far in the franchise , BTF3 , FAR CRY 2 and 3, MASS EFFECT 1,2 and 3 , KINGDOMS OF AMALUR , DRAGONS DOGMA , SAINTS ROW 2 and 3 and many more . GREAT SERVICE CEEP IT UP . ps xbox has no chance compared to this and never will give there fans a service as good as this because all they care about is money . Join the real gamers join PLAYSTATION!!!

    • Devin Burgess

      Just to start out I have both consoles and saying PS+ is better because you get games is just biased. Xbox live U.I. is way quicker and easier to access than PS3, Xbox live as an online service has better quality than PS3 and the games they give are free regardless of wethether you have live or not, when you download an Xbox digital game it comes with latest title update no need to download a ton of updates like PS3. PS3 is a good system and I love my exclusives but my Xbox is jus way more convenient, just turn on and play, no wait time, no hacking. So if you were to rank online services by which one gave away free games live wins because the games are 100% free.

      • Byron Frank

        I would say that PS3 is a better system based purely on its PS+ service. You get so many free games, even in the deprived US, that you don’t even need to buy anything unless you want a very particular title. A slightly easier interface and less updates are so small of things that they aren’t worth mentioning. No one has ever and I truly mean thins, never given me any legitimate reasons why Live is better than PSN. Your last sentence lacks sanity.