Pokemon X and Y Pikachu location with Thunder Stone

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2013

How are you getting on with your Pokemon X and Y adventure so far and the completion rate on the full Pokedex entries? If you haven’t started the game yet, we have a heads-up for you on how to capture one of the most popular creatures of all – everyone’s favorite Pikachu.

The good news, is that Pikachu is very easy to capture in Pokemon X and Y compared to other games and the little mouse can also be obtained very early on in the game on both versions.

We have details on how you can get hold of your own Pikachu in X and Y, either male or female and start training it up to be one of your most fearsome companions in the entire game. To get one, simply either head to Santalune Forest, which is very close to Vaniville Town, the very first town that you start the game from.

Failing that, you should also be able to find Pikachu hiding in Route 3. You may need to spend a bit of time grinding through battles though, as Pikachu probably won’t show up during the first few encounters. Catching Pikachu though is the easy part and shouldn’t give you too much resistance at all.

Everyone loves Pikachu, right?

Everyone loves Pikachu, right?

Now for those that already have Pikachu, we can also help you with the location of the Thunder Stone, which you will need if you want to evolve Pikachu in Raichu. You’ll be able to find the stone in an open grassy area just above the bridge by Cyllage City.

It’s not difficult to find at all if you have a good look, but we’ve included a little clip below just to show you exactly where to find it. One word of warning though, you will probably want to hold on to the Thunder Stone for a good while though, especially if you want to learn all of Pikachu’s moves first.

Pikachu will learn Thunder at level 50 so it’s a good idea to get this move first. If you use the Thunder Stone before Pikachu has Thunder, Raichu will not be able to use this attack – so consider your options wisely.

Have you already captured Pikachu in the gamehow often do you use him/her in your lineup? Don’t forget to check out how to capture Mewtwo in our previous report here.

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  • Jared315

    Are there any other ways to get the stone? I already used this one for jolteon but I need another for a raichu.

  • tash

    i just wanted jolton pikachu is better than raichu any ways

    • 2ofthesame

      pickachu sucks

      • goku

        2ofthesame you suck

      • Naruto

        You hater !!!!!!!! Pickachu is great. Don’t EVER SAY THAT loser !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just get one and see for your self

  • Kurono

    I have a Pikachu in my line-up. It’s pretty fast which helps with Electro Ball.
    That’s just for the core game. Post game, I’m not sure what team I wanna form for battling yet. I’m 32 hours in and still in Reflection Cave or whatever it is lol. Haven’t even made it to Gym 3.