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Pokemon X and Y catching Mewtwo with 40 ultra balls

Earlier on just hours ago, we gave you a heads-up on the full Pokemon X and Y Pokedex that had been completed early for those looking to see which Pokemon they needed next. Now, we have some interesting gameplay for you to check out, showing you just how hard it can be to catch the elusive Mewtwo in Pokemon X and Y if you don’t have a master ball handy.

Mewtwo is going to be very popular indeed in Pokemon X and Y, most notably due to the fact that Game Freak has brilliantly decided to give the fearsome creature two mega evolutions in the game.

Once again, you’ll find the Psychic beast lurking in the Unknown Dungeon and Mewtwo is going to be at a level where it can one shot any of your Pokemon if you are not careful.

To give you an idea of just how frustrating it can be to capture Mewtwo in Pokemon X and Y, we think you are going to find the above video useful – taken from an ongoing Pokemon X and Y walkthrough from someone who has already managed to get very far in the game.

Unfortunately though, he forgot to take a master ball with him and you’ll see how difficult it is to capture Mewtwo using ultra balls. On this occasion, it looked like around 40 ultra balls were needed before success finally came, but hopefully your own experience will be a lot more stress free.

The sweet screen of success!
The sweet screen of success!

We felt for the gamer when the capture was almost made, only for Mewtwo to shake free and then continuously use recover to regain health back. Luckily the revive feature will come in handy during this battle as Mewtwo is surely going to take out several of your Pokemon in just a single hit – casting Paralysis should always be your starting move.

How have you got on with capturing Mewtwo in Pokemon X and Y? Was your experience more stress-free than the video above? List your methods below and how many Poke balls you had to use.



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