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Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS camera shoot-out

Pokemon X and Y may have been released as of October 12, but it wasn’t the only major release on Nintendo’s books. The company also decided that this would be the date to officially unleash the Nintendo 2DS on retail shelves, and now we have an opportunity to show you just how good the camera is when compared to the camera fitted inside the 3DS.

The surprising thing to tell you, is that it looks like the camera on the 2DS may actually produce better pictures than the camera fitted inside the 3DS. The video we have to show you above comes courtesy of popular YouTuber Blunty and gives you a clear example of the differences between the two modules.

You may see some identical instances in some examples, but others are very clear cut and show that the 2DS actually produces the more vivid images and seemingly deals with pictures better in broad daylight.

The 2DS appear on a whole appears to produce more colorful images than the 3DS, despite featuring the same specifications inside each system. You may disagree with this outcome if you own a 3DS yourself, but take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on the surprising outcome.

Aside from moving video, there’s also some still images comparing the 2DS and 3DS as well. For a cheaper system that costs $130 and £110, you may be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the camera on board that you are getting – even the front-face camera is more than adequate.

Are you surprised by these results? Don’t forget that the 2DS can also play all existing and future 3DS games, including Pokemon X and Y. Let us know if you now plan to get one during the 2013 Holiday season.



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