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Mass Effect 4 on PS4, Xbox One could make jaws drop

How excited are you about a possible Mass Effect 4 release date in 2014? Developers Bioware have remained silent over the last few months, but have now slowly begun to reveal tidbits of information that is sure to hype up interest in the next game.

We still don’t know if it will be called Mass Effect 4 yet, but we do know that the game has already been confirmed to be in development over at Bioware’s secret base. We now have evidence that two producers on the Mass Effect series have been talking about the game, obviously teasing how good it is going to be when the game eventually releases.

Development may be at a very early stage, but producer Michael Gamble has stated that character work on the game has already made his ‘jaw drop’. Don’t forget that the new game is being made on the Frostbite 3 engine, the same tools that has been used to build Battlefield 4 and also the same engine that will power the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront game.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we have a further Tweet from the executive producer on the series to give you. Casey Hudson has said that at this stage, the new Mass Effect game is looking “beautiful, fun, ambitious, and Mass Effect-y!”

When EA finally announce the game, it is obviously going to be available for PS4 and Xbox One for starters – hopefully a PC version at the same time as well. The first next-gen Mass Effect game after Mass Effect 3 should look stunning in the graphics department, but is it really going to make our jaws drop?

We’ve already seen the potential of what Frostbite 3 can do at an early stage with Battlefield 4, so actually it is very exciting indeed to see how Bioware can use the same engine with the next Mass Effect 4 game.

What are your thoughts on the early stage of the game – will you definitely be buying Mass Effect 4 if it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One? Do you think it could actually top Battlefield 4 once Bioware has got to grips with how Frostbite 3 works?



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