iPod Nano 6G vs. Galaxy Gear

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the latest smartwatch to hit the market, but we already know it is not as popular as the South Korean company would have hoped. However, they have since admitted they rushed the release of Gear, and is already working on a new version.

Some of you will look at the Galaxy Gear features and will struggle to understand why they would need one in the first place. If you are one of those who do not wish to spend $300 on this device and are open to platforms, then Apple already released a watch that was considered better and far cheaper.

Back in 2010 saw the release of the iPod Nano 6G for about half the price of the Galaxy Gear, and while it is not a fully fledged smartwatch, it does an impressive job at mimicking one, which can be seen in the video below.

The iPod Nano 6G vs. Galaxy Gear comparison video below might not be in English, but it allows you to have a visual look at how these two devices compare. Apple do not sell the Nano 6G anymore, but they are still available from certain sources, such as auctions sites. We also have a review of their specs here, where you will learn, which is the better value for money.

We have to wonder if Apple discontinued the design of the iPod Nano 6G because work on the iWatch was already planned? Changing the design of the Nano to make way for an Apple smartwatch would make perfect sense, as it is yet another device to add to their list.

Do you think it is right for people to compare the iPod Nano 6G against the Galaxy Gear, or is it practical to do so?

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  • ThomasDelange

    The “apple fruit” iPod Nano Gen 6 release is actually a very big surprise for fans of Apple products. iPod Nano Gen 6 completely new look compared to the previous generation. Software upgrades are also advantages over Vietnam.

  • drnicket

    I own both and find the Apple 6th gen Nano a more consistent and useful digital tool that the Samsung 1st gen Galaxy Gear. Sure, the Gear add wireless connectivity to your smartphone, but the battery life is severely compromised in the Gear, in comparison, even if set to perpetual airplane mode.

    So, I postulate that basing an iWatch on the 6G Nano with a similar miniOS with added bluetooth connectivity for notifications and voice call features will outperform the Gear and possibly all other current market smartwatches, not only in battery life, but stability and user-friendliness.

    For the record, I am not an Apple FanBoy. I’ve owned and used devices in many camps and am basing my opinion on personal experience using each device and looking to the examples set forth in the history of the market competitors and their devices/designs.

    Note: Regarding the 1G Galaxy Gear, I have tested it as a stock device and hacked with _NULL ROM and Nova Launcher (on a full Android release).

  • Hadrian Hoar

    Well yes if your 12 years old the iPad nano might be better but for most of us that’s ridiculous