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Hidden iOS 7 features in iPad settings

Whenever a new version of iOS is released there are always subtle changes, but it is not often features get moved. However, it was all change with the release of iOS 7 because there are several hidden features, and some of you have been unable to locate them on your iPad.

For the most part iOS 7 has been okay, but there have been several issues, but one of these has been resolved. We await another update in the hope of resolving some of the other problems, which should be released in time for the iPad 5.

Apple’s latest mobile OS comes with a host of new capabilities and gestures, but there are still some hidden iOS 7 features to be found in iPad settings, and Mashable has been digging about to find them for you. They have found 8 new hidden features in iOS 7 and some of them will make life much easier.

There are several hidden iOS 7 features in the iPad settings
There are several hidden iOS 7 features in the iPad settings

One of the best features in iOS 7 is the new Control Center, but it can be easy to pull it up if you are using your iPad to play a game. However, you are able to disable Control Center direct from an app. The way to do this is to go to settings, Control Center, then switch Access Within Apps to on, although you can still access it from the home screen.

Some people have been having an issue finding the .com button because it has disappeared from the keyboard. However, all you need to do is press and hold your finger on the “.” and you will then see .com, .net and more appear.

This is just a taster of the hidden features within iOS 7, visit Mashable for more.



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