GTA V Online heists requires $200k apartments

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2013

With many of the early GTA V Online problems behind them, Rockstar is already working on making the multiplayer version of their new game even better, and one thing we have to look forward to is heists. This new feature will be coming to Grand Theft Auto V online later next month, and we are sure some of you have questions.

One burning question is what are the requirements for heists, and the answer is rather simple, this is because GTA V Online apartments is highly searched, and after some digging have found that you will need an apartment with a minimum cost of $200k.

We would not bother spending much more because it is a waste of money, and so would be far better for you to spend your money on other things within GTA 5 Online. It does not have to be a certain apartment, just as long as you spend $200,000 or above. Having said that, it does need to have a heist room in it, but most apartments for that sum of money should have a heist room.

Other gamers have been asking how to set up a heist, and this is better explained in a video that you can see here. The video runs for six and a half minutes and goes over every detail, so once heists becomes available next month you will know just how to set one up.

Some of you will be a little upset because you might not have enough funds to purchase an apartment, but after the free gift from Rockstar, we are sure that will no longer be an issue.

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  • RayJackson

    Yeah, I’m really looking forward to planning a heist in my generic $200,000 apartment that will take an hour and net me $3,200…

  • T C

    I already have the 400k apartment. I did it the old fashioned way. Played the stupid game and busted my hump to make that cash! Now everyone with the 500k stimulus including the douchebags who rarely play will also have an apartment. Yet another one bites the dust. First rockstar screws me out of 150 bux for collectors edition, then they have taken a month to fix bugs to make online even work. Rockstar wont be getting my money in the future. GTA franchise is dead, sorry you screwed the pooch rockstar.

    • Gorified

      LOL! With so many awesome Rockstar games (including this one) you are whining about them taking a month to fix the online portion? Now, you won’t buy any of their games? This is too freaking funny. I bet you even ran and told your mom about this injustice!

      • T C

        Only way I could tell my mom is if I take a ticket to heaven. So, as always you are way off. I don’t live in my parents basement, and I’m not 10 years old douche.

  • Luke Morgan

    This is interesting. I wonder how you will plan guests, is it just a building you enter and gun down or is it going to be more that you have to select.pre made ways to do it

    • truebludevil

      I don’t know but I’m excited I can’t wait to start I already brought the 400k apt