FIFA 14 PC crashes to desktop, fix debated

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 14, 2013

How are you enjoying playing FIFA 14? While some of our readers took time off work to play FIFA 14 all day and night, it appears that some gamers using the PC version of the game have hit a number of problems.

We have received feedback from a few FIFA 14 PC owners that are experiencing crashes to desktop, and this happens shortly after the EA Sports logo in some cases when the game will abruptly freeze after start up. It should be pointed out that other players experience crashing on the PC during gameplay as well, and there are those that manage to play the game with no such problems with their copy.

Taking a quick look at the official EA forums reveals hundreds of people being affected by freezes and crashing on FIFA 14 for the PC. Some of these messages were posted before the latest patch that addressed balancing issues and the update officially aimed to stop freezing and crashing being reported by gamers.


The developers explained that while the FIFA 14 PC patch will fix a lot of crashes, including those crashing to desktop, the update would still leave a “small percentage of problems”. With this in-mind, we would love to know if you still experience problems with FIFA 14 on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 after the latest patch?

We recommend you make sure the latest updates are installed before reporting any problems to EA, or leaving comments below. EA has also reminded users about the correct versions of Windows to operate the game smoothly, although with 12 forum pages on one thread and growing by the day it is clear problems remain.

Is your PC version of FIFA 14 crashing to Windows desktop? Let us know if you have a crash-free and freeze-free game, or if you experience a game crash once the match starts like many users are reporting. Some reports from users after the patch include FIFA 14 freezing in the in-game menu, which can only be fixed by ending the task in Task Manager, so again share a comment below with any other problems you have found on the PC version.

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  • ioanegogolashvili@ya

    my fifa 14 crashes into desktop when messi scores goal
    also when i start a new career
    can someone help me?

  • Jayant

    And then it closes down… 🙁

  • Jayant

    I’ve a problem. When I enter FIFA 14 Player Carrer mode and click on Advance which shows next days in Calender, my FIFA automatically stops. What to do?

  • PotGuy

    Sorry, had really fun/annoying glitch on 14.

    Referee’s had become card happy, sending off 5 players for not even a bookable challenge (Pressing ‘B’ too many times) to both me and the AI in one game. Carried on a few times in Career, thend decdided to restart FIFA. Fixed it, but left with one of the most confusing glitches of all time for FIFA… for me.

  • Sudarsh Ps

    Crashes Before Starting Career Mode and Builds ‘FIFACrashDump_CL1468411_2014.08.29_02.17.26.dmp’ File.
    Sometimes Crashes Before starting kick off match.

  • ComputerKING333

    hey farazin2 i have the same problem

  • CR7

    update your graphic driver (my crashed after pressing start match)

  • Babs

    crashes whenever entering youth team
    and i’ve got a player with 90-92 potential who now wants to leave 🙁

  • Ricardo Piccini

    crashes in the messi image! sucks

  • Bharatraj

    Mine crashes just before the main menu screen after the EA sports logo!!

  • Sarvesh Chitnis

    mine crashes when i try to play career mode match, it exits to desktop.
    Downloaded from nosteam.
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Nvidea 512 mb video/graphic card
    Pls help !!

    • Mugume

      I have a similar problem Sarvesh, did you find any solution to this?

  • Mohammad Fadel Helal

    It crasheswhen match start

  • Farazfn2

    It crashes to desktop sometimes during the match loading and sometimes during the match itself especially in slow motions after goals or fouls or offsides

    • szgman

      hey Farazfn2 I do hav same prob.. did u find any solution for it..??

  • insig9fix

    Just bought the game today, via Origin – but “Fifa 14 has stopped working” message comes up instantly after I play press button. Searched for updates – no new found. Repaired installation – no problems. Did the bdcedit thing in cmd and installed framework 4.5. No matter what I do, this problem keeps occuring. Can’t even see a logo or Messi’s face as others has reported. I press play and the error occurs immediately. If they really want people to BUY games rather than download them illegally, maybe they should make sure that their games are WORKING when people buy it.

    • PotGuy

      I’m getting the FIFA 14 logo, then it stops working. Followed your steps as well and no success.

  • PotGuy

    This is for PC.

  • PotGuy

    It appears I may have found a reproducible glitch.

    After one whole game on Career (Watford manager, you ‘Orns!), restart AT THE END OF THE MATCH WHEN YOU CAN ADVANCE and play as normal again. Around the 80th minute, I’ve noticed this two – three times where it freezes by a frame or two then crashes to desktop.

    Anyone got this?

    • escen

      same problem for me 🙁

    • Craig Burke

      i got this a few times yeah played a couple of games then on the last one it freezes to desktop and i have to go back and play them agian

  • Bash

    On PC: Was fine before latest update, now crashes to desktop as soon as I go to start a match in career mode. Same happened back with FIFA 12 after first big update. Pretty frustrating.

  • walid

    crash after starting a match and also career mode problem (getting email bout being sacked and also in pre-season match the ball becomes REALLY and REALLY BIG)

  • Maykel

    crashing afther i start a match and in fifa ultimate team afther the match ended

  • Piyush

    Refs get mad when player slightly muldge

  • Arjit

    While playing fifa 14 on my laptop , the game closes while running for some time and no error message is also shown..

    • ASH

      same problem…solutions

    • ffed777

      Same here!
      It continue crash at around 70 min (match time) to windows and I don’t see error messages.
      What we should do?

  • Shayne

    I’m experiencing this on the PS3. It doesn’t happen while playing in a match, it’s after a match that seems to be the issue. I’ve had several occasions where at the end of a game, I’ve gone to restart a match (to save time and keep building up game time) and it also after a match when i’m in the stats screens or back in the tournament mode screens etc it just freezes for no apparent reason and then I try to exit the game, however, I can’t exit through the PS3 controller button and have to press and hold the power on/off button on the PS3 itself.

  • John

    Career Mode – Ref high on drugs that they give red for EVERY SINGLE FOUL.

    • Subhankar

      This is EA’s strategy to combat piracy; the game would work properly if you bought it. There are a lot of bugs like this, you keep getting the terminated message as manager and it blocks all other communication; meaning that you cannot sign players or do anything else.

    • Piyush

      Dude.. you need to download skidrow crack v4… It fixed the red card bug…. Also open cmd in start menu. Then type “bcdedit.exe/set {current} nx AlwaysOff” without the inverted commas… it would help too … hope that helps

  • Viktor

    My game doesn’t even start. It freezes right at the beginning (image of Messi), can’t do anything via origin. The update f’cked everything. It was working fine before. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix their f’ck up.

    • Viktor

      It’s working now. My computer needed to be restarted to get the game to properly function.