2013 MacBook Pro joins iPad mini 2 release date

By Peter Chubb - Oct 14, 2013

We heard a few rumors to suggest the 2013 MacBook Pro with Haswell had already started to ship, although we never had confirmation of this. However, we still have reason to believe that Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh will see a release date similar to that of the iPad mini 2 within a couple of weeks.

Apple has yet to make any sort of announcement, but there was a rumor to suggest an event on October 22; with this in mind we believe Apple invites will go out tomorrow, a week before the event.

We thought last October was a perfect time to release new devices because of it being so close to Black Friday and the Holiday Season, and impressive iPad mini and MacBook Pro with Retina sales proved just that.

The MacBook Pro 2013 refresh will join the iPad mini 2 this month

The MacBook Pro 2013 refresh will join the iPad mini 2 this month

There has been a great deal of hype with the new MacBook Pro because it will come with the Haswell chip, which we know will help improve performance and battery life. However, we believe that what has held its release up was Mavericks, but we know this is now ready for a public release because it has now gone GM.

If what we know about the 2013 MacBook Pro refresh is true, then it will become an even better device for business users, although it is clear some people would like to see the return of the 17-inch model. On the other end of the scale is an all-new 12-inch MacBook, although we might have to put this analyst’s report down as a strange one.

The iPad mini 2 launch date is also an important one because it will help to address some of the issues with the original model, such as improving the display. However, we just hope that Apple is able to overcome the battery issues that will come with a more power-hungry display?

While most rumors suggest an October release for both devices, we do hope they are not pushed back until November.

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  • Ryan Schaub

    12 inch model of the macbook pro? Why?

  • Alex Lee

    Yes we would like the return of the 17-inch model, but in the BIGGER picture, make the design if redesigning it, to retain ethernet port and optical drives for some people. 🙂

    • David Shefchik

      holy crap you optical drive people will never stop. Get with the times and ditch your discs

      • alex

        So you wanna also say that we should ditch phone calling since some of us text more than call on mobile phones?

        • G

          No, that’s not what David is saying at all, don’t be so petty! The fact is that discs are becoming redundant, phones are not!

          If you’re that set on an optical drive, which developers and companies are beginning to stop bothering about, buy one as a separate bit of kit.

        • wbiggy

          lol :), External HDD, Wifi and USB is there to sort out issues with Optical Drive,

          Even installing OS, there is no longer a need for Optical Drive,

          But Ethernet port would be very nice, for fast network speed copy