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Zelda A Link Between Worlds Lorule gameplay

If you needed a reason to buy the upcoming Zelda A Link Between Worlds on 3DS, despite being addicted to Pokemon X and Y at the moment, Nintendo has attempted to provide it. The developer has released a new trailer for the game, unveiling a brand new world to explore at the same time, a mirrored version of Hyrule called Lorule.

We already know that the dark world will be featured in the game, but it appears that Nintendo are not stopping there. We now have confirmation that Link will be able to use the new wall merge feature to transport himself to a brand new location to the game, known as Lorule.

Nintendo are not saying much on the brand new world, but we do know that Princess Hilda will be residing in the new Lorule Kingdom and that the main story will evolve around Link’s relationship with both Hilda and Princess Zelda.

Nintendo has released a screenshot, showing the exciting mirrored version of Hyrule which looks absolutely stunning. You will want to check out the new trailer above though, showing new gameplay scenes for the very first time.

Some nasty surprises await you in Lorule..
Some nasty surprises await you in Lorule..

There’s also a look at the game’s main villain, but so far it’s hard to say whether this is the same Ganon that was the main boss in the original A Link to the Past game. We understand that a lot of you may have spent your cash on Pokemon X and Y, but it looks like you could be making a big mistake if you don’t experience A Link Between Worlds.

Watch the new footage above and give us your first impressions of Lorule. It could be the biggest Zelda game seen on a handheld to date.



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