Remove your face and name from Google’s new creepy Ad system

Google successfully managed to cause havoc this weekend by creating a new advertising system that displays your name and face via your Google plus profile. Unlike Facebook, Google has a much better policy allowing the user to opt out from shared endorsements. In addition, if you are under eighteen, the upcoming system won’t affect you at all whatsoever.

It’s a really easy process. It won’t require more than ten clicks, literally. All you have to do is read below.

  1. Click this link. (Logging  in  to your Google profile is necessary. Link is official, thus do not worry, the NSA won’t steal your personal info)
  2. Scroll down and uncheck the checkbox. For whatever reason some users found it unchecked by default, so if it is already unchecked do not recheck it.
  3. Hit the save button.


If you faced any issues with this “painstaking” procedure, do not hesitate to hit us up in the comment section below.



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