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Pokemon X and Y full Pokedex list for all regions

How are you getting on with your Pokemon X and Y adventure so far? We are wondering how everyone is doing with filling up their Pokedex entries, as if you need help we now have a full list of the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, including all regions in the game.

It is no secret that there is a lot of Pokemon to find in Pokemon X and Y. Aside from the new Pokemon in the game which you’ll see most of here, Game Freak has also included a ton of other Pokemon from previous games in the series as well.

You are going to be really spoilt for choice on which Pokemon to take into battle, especially when you start unlocking the best skills and witness your Pokemon evolving after certain levels. If you are looking for a heads-up on a particular Pokemon in the game, you’ll be pleased to hear that we now have what looks to be a full completed Pokedex.

This includes Pokemon for the Central Kalos region, the Coastal Kalos region and also the Mountain Kalos regions. Just to top things off, we also have a full list of the Pokemon X and Y Mega evolutions to share with you as well if you are looking for those.

You will find the full completed Pokedex here, courtesy of GameWise. They have listed the entire set of Pokemon, new and old to find – you can then click on some of the Pokemon to get a more detailed stats page, although some have yet to be completed.

Catching Mewtwo won't be easy without a master ball.
Catching Mewtwo won’t be easy without a master ball.

Looking at the list, we can see that Haxorus is listed as the last entry on the Central Kalos Pokedex, Moltres on the Coastal Pokedex and Mewtwo on the Mountain Kalos Pokedex section after the likes of Zygarde, Xerneas and Yveltal.

Take a good long hard look at all of the listed Pokemon and let us know which creature you are currently searching for in the game. In terms of percentage, how far are you to completing the full Pokedex?



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