GTA V Online free money handout with 1.04 update

By Alan Ng - Oct 13, 2013

It has been well documented that the GTA V Online experience hasn’t gone as smoothly as gamers had first thought. Players have been having troubles getting into servers, data has gone missing and cars have vanished out of garages for no apparent reason.

Luckily, Rockstar feels your pain. The developer has decided to take the first steps in remedying the situation, by offering a generous cash handout with no strings attached. You have to have bought the game at launch or played throughout October, but other than that – you’ll soon be able to check your bank balance with a cool $500,000 deposit free of charge courtesy of Rockstar.

It may not go the full length into pleasing all of you, but it is certainly a nice gesture from Rockstar, given that some critics have been saying that money is too hard to come by in the online portion. But with an $500,000 cash injection available to you, you should be able to at least put a deposit down on that lush property that you have always been meaning to buy.

Rockstar has revealed the exact terms and conditions on their website. The $500,000 is going to be divided into two $250,000 payments in order to keep the game balanced among all players according to the developer. The first payment is due to go live at some point this week, although Rockstar hasn’t set an exact time when this will happen.

You won't need to resort to crime for cash now.

You won’t need to resort to crime for cash now.

What we can tell you though, is that all players will first need to download the upcoming 1.04 patch, which is set to include functionality to make the $500,000 cash payments work successfully. The update will be going live on both Xbox 360 and PS3, and should fix up further bugs in the game to make your experience more pleasurable.

What are your thoughts on the cash handout by Rockstar? Do you forgive them now after all of the problems? More importantly – tell us below what you intend to spend your cash on.

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  • manuel

    when is the update??

  • COD sucks

    I love gta it makes me happy like a flower or something

  • Bob


  • spinalsurgeon

    Yea sweet

  • Stu

    Ball sack

  • Andrew Wilkinson

    Hmmm will put my balance up to $14,000,000 😛

    • jejeUrMom

      you can get 14m for licking my balls :3

    • Mark Crummett

      really not that impressive to cheat your way to loads of money in a game. if you do that, wheres the aim of the game if not to level up and make money….?

    • Anthony

      I don’t understand why you have to glitch for money, or exploit, for that matter. As Mark said, what’s the point? It’s people like you who ruin good games for the rest of us.

      • Andrew Wilkinson

        Who said I cheated in any way shape or form. I done it all ligit.