Tech in new MINI Cooper Hardtop

Towards the end of last month we noted the new Mini Cooper engines for 2014 and a few days later another article looked at the new BMW Mini launch date. Today, we want to revisit the new MINI Cooper and especially its Hardtop technology that will aid with parking.

During the 2014 LA Auto Show you will see the new MINI Cooper debut along with a collision warning system, which uses cameras rather than sonar technology.

This might not be anything new when it comes to autos, but most MINI fans will welcome these accident-sensing features via an adaptive cruise control system. You can see a photo of the new HUD in the image below, although full details of these new features were featured in an official press release.


The brand explains it aims to put MINI at the “forefront” of premium technology for small cars, and at the same time make sure safety is put first with some innovative features for the MINI brand.


Could the all-new MINI Cooper be your next auto purchase? Are you glad to see technology like this included with the new MINI? The official MINI release details a host of safety features, which include high-beam assistant, rear view camera, parking assistant, video-based adaptive cruise control, traffic sign memory, speed limit information, a collision and pedestrian warning with city braking function, and a lot more.



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