Xbox One Vs PS4 sales u-turn before launch

By Alan Ng - Oct 10, 2013

In the build-up to the highly anticipated launch of the PS4 and Xbox One next-gen consoles, we have been hearing some interesting sales predictions from various analysts. Most have actually gone on record to say that Sony will come out on top against Microsoft during the first week, but now we have a new report to tell you about which suggests the complete opposite.

To recap, we first told you about the somewhat surprising omission from that man Michael Pachter, who wasn’t afraid to say that Sony will have the better sales launch than Microsoft. At the time, he even offered some bold sales figures as well showing the confidence he had – predicting that Sony would shift around 1.5 million PS4 units at launch, compared to Microsoft who would manage 1 million units sold based on his assumptions.

That was at the end of September when the comments were made, but now we have some new details that are coming in this week. The head tech buyer of UK chain John Lewis has said that it will actually be the Xbox One that will prove more successful than the PS4 at launch.

Jonathan Marsh has said that his company are expecting Microsoft to edge it, due to a stronger lineup of games and in his opinion, a more efficient online service with Xbox Live compared to PSN.

Things are heating up nicely..

Things are heating up nicely..

He added that the Xbox One will probably ‘appeal’ to more consumers, due to the ‘experience it creates’, which may ruffle one or two feathers over at the PlayStation community.

Some interesting comments indeed, but a great way to keep the debate healthy on which console could possibly win the sales battle in a month’s time. Which way do you see it going? Do you agree that Xbox Live is still ahead of the PSN and will factor in more Xbox one sales?

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  • OJ

    Meanwhile what does AMAZON say ??? lol 17 to 1 WHOA!!!

  • Josh101

    John Lewis…Really?? Come now, this is like a high end Macy’s and MAYBE 2% of gamers are going to be buying console’s at this store.

  • disqus_V2mpri8csX

    It’s marketing spin. Both companies are great at it, they each have marketing teams working their magic.

  • Bonzo McDonald

    They also think cotton will win over wool this winter

  • KaiKnows

    Not worried about this.
    Just tell us that the consoles will be here a week earlier than expected

  • Paul Spredbury

    This is just crap maybe do a poll or ask a game retailer not a man who sells shirts. Maybe ask an old guy down the road this is journalism at its worst. Go and ask a true gamer.

    • Crusina .

      “This doesn’t conform to my opinion. Therefore it is wrong.”

  • tech

    Probably because preorder figures do not tell the whole story.

    • You are flat out wrong

      “the polls are rigged!”

      “pre-order figures are lies!”

      Off yourself. ^_^

    • Kreten

      Well in my opinion pre-orders are direct response to the pr, but actual sales in 2014 will tell you which people preffer. See before launch we don’t have experiences or anything on consoles we just have ps. After launch we get to test them and tell friends about those good or bad experiences so its still anyones game

  • MB

    Why not just ask main resellers for their pre-order figures?

    • Kreten

      What do pre-orders tell you? Who has better lying pr team? After launch will be actual time to judge as people get to experience each console. Xbox did u turns with drm but so did sony quietly with physical burning sticker on discs then they did u tirn on including the ps eye then they started including things that xbox software has so its hard how each decision and software and hardware will affect experiences

      • MB

        How can MS or Sony influence Gamestop or Amazon to lie about how many people have pre-ordered? Okay. Let me rephrase. Is there any evidence that happens?

    • OldSocialist

      They won’t give them, I’m afraid. It would offer competitors indicators of their current position in in the market, what’s selling for them, what packages and advertising schemes are working for them and so on. That’s why they only show volatile charts without sales figures rather than fixed updates.