Xbox One advantages with PC cross play in 2014

By Alan Ng - Oct 11, 2013

If you are excited about Microsoft’s interesting cloud features for Xbox One which may now introduce Xbox 360 game streaming to the console, things may be about to get even better in 2014. We’re hearing whispers that cross-play titles with PC may be possible on the console, merging both communities in what would obviously be a ground-breaking achievement for the company.

It is early days yet, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer appears to have hinted that this could be a future feature of the Xbox One console at a later date. When speaking to AusGamers recently and directly asked if cross-play was possible thanks to the new PC-like architecture of the system as well as Windows 8 features in tact, the Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios had this to say in reply:

“I’m not allowed to leak things [smiles]. But I think what you’re talking about makes a lot of sense. This connected ecosystem across all the different devices is definitely where I think the future of gaming is going.”

He could have chose to basically say no to the question, but obviously he didn’t and it provides a great amount of excitement for those intrigued about this possibility in the future.

Just imagine Valve announcing the likes of Left for Dead 3 on PC and Xbox One, but the beauty of it being fully merged with both platforms, allowing both sets of users to connect to the same servers. It would be amazing if it happened – even on games like Counter-Strike too which could bring that back into the fold after Global Offensive.

More to this box than meets the eye?

More to this box than meets the eye?

PS3 users have been dreaming of this possibility as well, but it looks like Microsoft may have the first say on cross-play with PC. Could this be Microsoft’s big plan to win over fans with the Xbox One by offering PC cross-play in 2014?

As we await more whispers on this prospect, give us your reaction on how big this could potentially be. What games in your opinion would be great for PC/Xbox One cross-play?

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  • Majeed Belle

    Did I miss the part where someone said that this is a feature that they are trying to implement?
    My reading skills but be off because the above stated quote does not say this at all. Not even close.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Another thing to consider is that for this to happen, PC players will presumably have to pay to use the XBL servers. Considering they already get dedicated servers for free, do you think they’ll even bother? This is a total waste of time.

    • Kreten

      Where does money for xbl go? On x360 is for high bandwidth lines cross country and across oceans. Notice how there’s barely any lagg playing with someone from europe? I doubt that pc gamers would have to pay for live and reason they get free dedicated servers is because the community is so small that game devs can afford to give them dedicated servers this is directly from Infinity Ward

  • HatinOnHackers

    Am getting the PS4, but disappointed it will be cross platform with PC for ANY game. Def won’t be picking up War Thunder. Firstly, you have to play against MK players and the controller is a proven disadvantage and then you have the fact that a 3 yo can apply hacks, mods and cheats to a PC title within minutes of launch. So not only will you be playing against MK, you will be playing against free loading, cheating (or modding which is not much different) PC players. I know hacks occur on the PS3, but with a game like CoD, you at least get a few months hacker free rather than the few minutes you get on PC.

    • Kreten

      I’m not getting the PS4 but I totally agree with you. I haven’t even thought of that as I haven’t played on PC for a long time. You do get cheaters and glitchers no matter the platform but in that regard PC is #1. Unless the game is streamed from the cloud then you wouldn’t have problems as they wouldn’t have physical data to manipulate into their advantage

  • Krepler

    It’s not likely to happen for a lot of titles anyhow, mostly the big budget ones that have more to lose from the problems that would arise between the controls and modding differences from each platform, although, standard racing games would be best suited for cross-platform as there’s not too much gong on on the control scheme.

    Yes, Sony doesn’t have policies against cross-platform connections but the developer has to determine if the control design of the console version can keep up with the ease of access available on pc with kb/mouse.

  • trfe

    Oh and xbox had a cross platform game with ShadowRun…what, like 6 years ago? So it is done on a case by case basis currently, until when MS unifies PCs, Tablets, Phones and xbox on the same operating system.

    • DigitalSyrup

      It got cancelled last minute.

      • Kreten

        What like inclusion of PS Eye? And users being stuck with annoying light on dualshock?

  • trfe

    I imagine Xbox is ironing out a massive program to allow all games to be cross platform on xbox one and PC. Sony is doing this on a case by case basis. So the timing for War Thunder is off for it to be a cross platform xbox one game.

  • sc

    Deja vu.

  • Chadd Syn Bishop

    Do your research before you spout off about a feature as a system exclusive. PS4 already has this. And like said before War Thunder has cross platform, and the developer even said they weren’t making it for xb-one because Microsoft told them they didn’t support cross platform with PC.

    • Kreten

      Xbox 360+PC 6 years ago ShadowRun. But it’s not fair to console gamers as pcs can easily do mods auto aims etc. I would love it if they allowed games to be cross console though. Similar controlls and quality.

  • Jason Graham

    Actually the free-to-play WAR THUNDER on PS4 will be a cross-play game with PC players.sorry xbox you won’t be first! This will happen on PS4 at launch.

    • fordgtguy

      Xbox 360 had PC cross-play with Shadow Run a few years late on that one Sony.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Another cryptic answer from the idiot Spencer, just like when he teased exclusives to be announced at TGS that never happened. Advantages? PC players are going to absolutely wreck the sub-cretinous XBL community. They already did tests on it a couple of years back which showed as much. It’ll get dropped extremely quickly.

    Just another Xdrone pipe dream, like a hidden dGPU and FIFA exclusive.