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Wii U GamePad battery life problems solved for UK

When gamers first got to use the Wii U GamePad it was not long before they came across an issue, and that was with its battery life. Nintendo found a way to rectify this, but the solution was only available to gamers in Japan; that is until now.

We can finally say that the Wii U GamePad battery life problems have been solved for gamers in the UK, as the new high capacity battery can be found on Amazon UK for £24.99, although dispatch can take 1 to 3 weeks.

Replacing the standard battery with this high capacity unit is a simple job, which will make this a very popular Wii U GamePad accessory. However, the added weight could be an issue for some gamers, and so might want to consider this fact before placing an order.

We do not know when the Wii U GamePad extended battery from Nintendo will be available in the US, but with the UK and other countries in Europe getting it, we cannot see it being too long of a wait.

There have been a few remarks as to the popularity of the Wii U, saying sales have not been as good as Nintendo had hoped, with the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One being a contributing factor. However, a recent Wii U price drop has helped increase sales by more than 128 percent. Let us hope this price reduction will be rolled out in other countries outside the US in time for the busy shopping season.



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