PS4 anger with Bluetooth, USB headset support

By Alan Ng - Oct 10, 2013

We have some disappointing news to bring to prospective PS4 owners now, especially ones who have just purchased a new Bluetooth headset assuming that it would have no problems working with the new console. It has now been confirmed that in actual fact – the PS4 will not support any existing Bluetooth or USB headsets at launch.

This is a bit of a blow it has to be said, especially when it was widely reported and seemingly confirmed by a Sony rep in July that PS3 wireless headsets would have PS4 support on day one. We’re now hearing though that this won’t be the case, with Sony only able to confirm that support for existing headsets will come via a later patch after the console is launched.

It means that the official PS3 wireless headset that most of you have in the home will not work and is a bit of a hard pill to swallow. We hope none of you have just purchased an expensive headset recently either, like the Sony Pulse headset, because they won’t work either.

As most of you know though, the PS4 will have voice chat support from day one via the PS4 in-ear mono headset, which will come included for free inside the PS4 box. We prefer the PS3 wireless headset though above if given a choice, so it’s a bit of a blow that we can’t use this at launch – it works fantastic for games like Battlefield 4.

Your new Pulse headset won't work at launch either..

Your new Pulse headset won’t work at launch either..

Is it a bit naughty of Sony to suddenly turn round and say that existing wireless headsets will not work? A lot of gamers were giving Microsoft stick for similar issues amid all of the policy changes, but this isn’t good news on Sony’s part either.

What is your reaction to this? Were you planning to use an existing Bluetooth or USB headset with the PS4? Let’s hope that this post-release patch is released before the end of the year.

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  • jordanyork

    This is actually a deal breaker for me. If what I’ve been reading elsewhere is true and Sony will indeed not be supporting existing PS3 headsets that rely on BT for their voice chat, I will cancel my preorder and go with a XBone. At least the kinect will works as a semi crappy mic until Microsoft releases their proprietary wireless chat adapter in Q1 of next year. I am appalled at the lack of foresight this reflects and I’m truly sad that my hand is basically being moved for me. I am not going to buy another headset when i have a $350 one that works perfectly fine and gaming using speakers or TV volume isn’t an option 90% of the time for me.