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Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolutions that you haven’t seen

With Pokemon X and Y launching in mere hours, we just have time to tell you about a few new mega evolutions for the game that hopefully you haven’t already heard about. Mega evolutions are going to be a massive new feature of the upcoming title, with it becoming apparent that some mega evolutions are going to be exclusive to either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

Just to recap, we informed you about an apparent ‘full’ list of new Pokemon that had been leaked in visual format, including a collection of mega evolutions. As some of you had expected, we can now confirm that the list in question wasn’t a full one, as we have two mega evolutions to show you that didn’t show up on that list.

These are mega Aggron and mega Tyranitar, both of which have now been exposed in the forthcoming edition of Japanese magazine Coro Coro. We also can give you a clearer look at mega Gengar and mega Kangaskhan, two Pokemon that did in fact show up in the original picture leak here.

It looks like mega Aggron is going to be exclusive to those picking up Pokemon Y, while those getting Pokemon X instead will be able to call on the powers of mega Tyranitar.

A closer look at mega Gengar and mega Kangaskhan
A closer look at mega Gengar and mega Kangaskhan

This echoes similar moves for the likes of mega Charizard X and also the two forms of mega Mewtwo depending on which version of the game you pick up.

The question is, which mega Pokemon do you prefer and why? We already see a lot of fan favoritism for Aggron, but we have a feeling that mega Tyranitar can more than hold its own when in battle. Enjoy the early scans here and let us know what version of the game you will be getting.

Pokemon X or Pokemon Y for you and why?



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