Pokemon X and Y follow-up with Pikachu rumored

As we await for the inevitable barrage of Pokemon X and Y live streams that will hit the internet on or just before October 12, some interesting news has emerged this week. We’re hearing rumors that a brand new Pokemon game may already be in development and it could be a title that will specifically focus on Nintendo’s popular mascot Pikachu.

This comes as a surprise to us, and we’re sure many of you as well. A pleasant surprise we may add though, as it’s obviously good news that Nintendo are pressing forward with even more new Pokemon titles.

It may not be the elusive Pokemon Stadium 3 on Wii U that so many fans crave, but it could be a game that stars Pikachu more than anyone else. Pokemon X and Y doesn’t hit stores until this Saturday, but we hear that the Pokemon Company may have a big announcement to make very soon.

Reports in Japan suggest that the new game has already been outed by broadcaster NHK and will be officially revealed on October 28. Company president CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara will appear personally on the NHK Professional: Shigoto no Ryuugi show to give the good news.

Oh the memories!
Oh the memories!

The description over the Japanese report suggests that the game will feature Pikachu in a “bold way” and that it is a game that has never been seen before. Naturally, speculation has run wild on what this new Pikachu adventure will entail, but at least we only have until the end of the month to find out all of the answers.

We think it may be a little early to start thinking about a game on the same scale as Pokemon X and Y. Instead we may see a smaller game, perhaps even a puzzle orientated one that Nintendo has been known to do in the past.

What is your reaction to this secret Pikachu game? If you had the option to choose, what would you like this Pikachu game to be like?



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