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GTA V update on PC release date in 2014

If you were still under the impression that Rockstar wouldn’t cave in to pressure and release a highly anticipated upgraded build of GTA V for PC, it looks like this next piece of news may just change your mind. It has now been reported this week that the PC release date of GTA V is coming, and will happen sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

This piece of news is unlikely to surprise any gamer with a bit of common sense. Rockstar has done well to keep absolutely silent on the matter, but we all knew deep down that a PC version would be coming at some point as the sales potential for Rockstar would be simply too good to turn down.

GTA V looks very good on current-gen consoles, but many gamers agree that it hasn’t hit its full potential. There are big requests to see a next-gen 1080p, 60 frames per second version of the game and that will obviously be possible at the very least on PC.

There’s also the massive addition of PC GTA V mods which are also going to ensure millions more sales for Rocsktar. This week, we hear of an apparent ‘confirmation’ from Eurogamer, that GTA V will be available on PC during Q1 of 2014.

This is according to ‘multiple industry sources’, but it also fits in with Rockstar’s previous release patterns of launching PC versions of their latest GTA title around 6-8 months after the game has launched on console.

What mods do you want to see for GTA V on PC?
What mods do you want to see for GTA V on PC?

It is going to be a mouthwatering prospect indeed to see what kind of graphics mods for GTA V come out to make the game look even better. Those with a high-end PC rig must be getting very exciting indeed to see what happens on the graphical side of things, while we’re just content with seeing some amazing, but slightly crazy mods at the same time.

We all knew the GTA V PC release date was coming right? Let us know what kind of mods you want to see, if GTA V really plans to show up during the first quarter of 2014.



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