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GTA V PC release hype after Niko Bellic mod

We may be miles off the highly anticipated GTA V PC release date just yet, but we have a piece of news that is set to resonate around the PC community and probably catch the attention of Rockstar at the same time. Some clever individuals have managed to mod the console version of GTA V, by adding none other than GTA IV hero Niko Bellic into the game.

We have evidence of this to show you and his character model in GTA V looks absolutely fantastic. Most of you should be very impressed about this indeed and it only hypes up the PC version even more in our opinion, since most of these kinds of mods will be inevitable when the PC version is released.

We’re not entirely sure of the full procedure that was used to make this possible, but that isn’t the full point here – just take a good look at how Bellic looks on the GTA V engine courtesy of the guys over at Se7enSins Forum.

At the moment, it looks like putting Niko into the game with this mod, means that he replaces Michael in the process. Trevor and Franklin are reportedly untouched, but the mod is currently a work in progress with further tweaks due to be made soon.

Niko looks fantastic in GTA V story mode with this mod.
Niko looks fantastic in GTA V story mode with this mod.

If somebody can make this possible on the console version, just imagine what kind of creativity will be possible when mods are in full circulation for PC.

Just to point out, this mod is for the story mode aspect of the game, as obviously you can already play as Niko by picking up the Collector’s Edition of GTA V. It certainly looks good though – we wonder what Rockstar thinks about it.

Does this make you want the PC version of GTA V even more? It can’t be long now till an announcement.



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