GTA V iFruit and Plants vs. Zombies 2 Android release race

By Peter Chubb - Oct 10, 2013

A huge number of Android users have been upset because of being left out on two major app releases, and even those using iOS must feel some sympathy for them? The reason for the outrage is because iOS users have been enjoying Plants vs. Zombies 2 as well as GTA V iFruit, while the rival platform still awaits their release.

However, there is some good new because the Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android is due to see a worldwide release very soon, although no date has been given. That is more than can be said for the GTA V iFruit for Android release, as we are still in the dark as to how long we will need to wait.

Looking on the Rockstar website, they have not been keeping Android users fully informed because it was just over two weeks ago when they said work on the Android version is still ongoing, and hope to release it as soon as they can.

For those asking about the Android version of the free iFruit companion app, we are working very hard to get that out as soon as possible. It is poor support like this that people are unhappy about, as it would be nice for the developer to offer an update on the progress of iFruit app for Android.

There have been rumors that Apple paid Rockstar to delay the release of iFruit on Android, as a way to force them to purchase an iOS device. This is not the first time we heard this, as there were also rumors suggesting this was the reason for the Plants vs. Zombies 2 on Android release as well.

Which app will make it to Android first, GTA 5 iFruit or Plants vs. Zombies 2?

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  • London Boy

    All of these GTAV complainers need to chill out if they have the game already lol I’m angry about the delayed PVZ2!!!

  • Thomas

    It’s all good…Rockstar is only blowing their own brains out. I already put the game down to wait for the app to be available to me, and because of the inability to deliver on their promises, now it looks like I won’t get around to playing the game until at least January. I mean, Ghosts comes out in less than a month, and the new consoles a couple weeks after. So they have pretty much wasted their window with all this incompetence…I hope they made a lot of money, because the next time I buy a rockstar product it will be AFTER I am able to confirm the ish works on my hardware. Patience is not a gaming virtue.

    • alex

      You already paid for the game. They couldnt care less if you play it. Hooray short term profit motive trumping long term brand health!

  • Kiddoo

    Pretty damn stupid!

  • JeremyEr10

    IFruit IS IPhone
    Coincidense? I think not.

  • Annoyed android user

    Hmmmm… The new iPhone 5c/s is released practically the same week as GTA V and the app is only available on iOS, coincidence??? I doubt it very much