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Battlefield 4 Obliteration beta gameplay in 1080p

If you have been addicted to the ongoing Battlefield 4 beta on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, you’ll know that things have just got a lot more exciting for you. DICE has now unleashed the new mode Obliteration into the beta, allowing players to get a feel of the brand new mode before the full game launches on October 29.

With this in mind, we are very happy to bring you some early footage showing off the new mode, with two Obliteration gameplay videos that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Just to give you an idea, Obliteration is the new mode which involves a bomb that spawns in random places.

Two teams have to race to the random points to retrieve the bomb first, then try to detonate it at designated ares, where the other team will then try to defend if unsuccessful in retrieving the bomb. The first team to blow up as many targets wins the round.

This mode is also one that supports a greater player count, with 32 players possible on PC, Xbox One and PS4, but restricted to 24 players on current-gen platforms. It sounds like a mode that is going to become very popular with players and could end up being the most played when the game is out properly.

Obliteration mode also supports Commander Mode.
Obliteration mode also supports Commander Mode.

Players are obviously cramming into servers as we speak to try and get a game of Obliteration going, so let’s hope that DICE’s servers can put up with the added demand. Check out the preview gameplay videos here that we have provided, then give us your early impressions of the mode.

Is Obliteration your new favorite Battlefield mode now? Let us know if you have had any issues getting into a server on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.



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